Art collage challenge using Joomchi (Korean Paper Art)

Mary and I took a class to make Joomchi (Korean paper art) at a local art museum.  Korean paper is made from the inner bark of the mulberry tree.  The paper is thin but you layer 2-3 pieces together. Then add some water and start working the paper with your hands – folding and refolding in different directions.  It takes a couple of hours to get the layers fused together by the folding so that the paper becomes strong.  Definitely a one and done class.  It is pretty amazing that they used to make clothing using this paper since woven fabrics were expensive and only nobility could afford cloth. (918 – 1392 time period).

Before painting

After painting

So now what to do with the 4″ x 7″ pieces of Joomchi?  I decided to make a collage using the purple piece.  I also used foiling technique and fabric paint to add leaves to the Joomchi.   I made a collage background using different purple fabrics including a piece of batting that I had painted a few years ago.  Also found some zigzag printed fabric that I had made so added those pieces to the collage.  I made a flower out of a painted handkerchief with a sari ribbon stem.  Of course I had to add a bird to the piece. The bird was the wrong color.  I checked online to find pictures of purple birds – wow there are a lot of purple birds. So I painted the bird and added thread painting.

For the binding, I used a satin stitch and stitched a few times around the edges.

Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna

Modern Cardinal wall hanging

Another bird painting finished.  This small wall hanging was for a guild challenge using one “Crayola color” plus black and white fabric. I painted the cardinal mostly red with two little accent colors for beak and legs.  The bird is fused on the fabric after painting.  I wanted a modern look to the piece so I fused the tree branch at an angle and cut it off so it looked like it was floating.  The leaves were from a printed fabric that I fussy cut and fused on the background.  I sectioned off the background for the free motion quilting designs.  I used some quilting motifs from Helen Godden’s Feathered Friends block of the month.  I added red faux piping to the binding for a pop of color around the edges.  Finished size is about 16″ square.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting. Donna

UFO from Sue Benner’s Sewing the Land class

I was reorganizing my UFO boxes ( Yes, I have more than one UFO box.), and I found this project from Sue Benner’s class. Mary and I took her class in the fall of 2017 at Greenville, NY (Hudson River Valley Fiber Arts Workshop).  It was a wonderful 5 day workshop and we had lots of fun taking this class.  I had finished one of the pieces from the class (see – Cattails landscape quilt – Nov. 2017) but I didn’t finish this piece during the class because I didn’t like the dock that I made.    The piece was ready for quilting except for the dock. So I figured out how to fix the dock – I made it a “broken” dock.  I had to use some new fabrics since I didn’t have any of the original fabric.  Before quilting, I stitched around the marsh grasses and the dock with a straight stitch.  I quilted wavy lines using green thread for the leaves at the top and the grasses at the bottom.  I used 2 different colors of blue thread to quilt the water with wavy lines.  I finished the edges with 3 rounds of satin stitch using 2 different colors of thread.  Yeh, another UFO done.  Keep having fun quilting and sewing. Donna

Scottie Patchwork Pillow

Flatty Dogs pattern

When I was searching for a UFO recently, I came across this Scottie patchwork pillow pattern that I got a couple of years ago and decided that it was about time I made it.

I already had both the 2 1/2″ fusible grid and I had lots of scraps so there was not excuse to not work on it.

It was easy to make and the fusible grid made it a fast project.

Our Scottie (Ranger) loves stuffie toys so I need to make sure he does not get his teeth on this pillow.   However, I couldn’t resist a photo-opt of him seeing the new Scottie pillow.


Click on the images below to enlarge.

Happy Stitchin,




Button Boats by Lazy Girl patterns

Looking for a quick gift to make for a friend, try making these “button boats” which are small fabric boxes in a different shape like a boat.  They are super easy to make.  You just cut a 10″ square of  peltex (I used double side fusible peltex) and then fuse 2 different fabrics on the square (front and back).  Using the template, cut out 3 shapes out of your square.  Stitch around the edges with a zig zag stitch – I stitched twice around the edges.  You should use a 90/14 needle since the peltex is stiff.  Follow the directions to finish sewing the box and add buttons and you are done.  I used covered rubber bands around the buttons. I think that my box looks cute.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna

More painted bird blocks from Helen Godden BOM (Feathered Friends – Australian birds)

I am having fun painting birds with Helen Godden’s BOM – Feathered Friends.  All the birds are from Australia.  On the video instructions, Helen shows a video with the real birds chirping. The zebra finches were so cute.   I painted Zebra Finches using lumiere paints.  I found a different bird pattern for the zebra finches than in the BOM. I used the same background quilting designs and leaves.  The next block that I painted was the magpie block but I changed it to a Red-bellied woodpecker that we see at our bird feeder. The bird blocks are fun to paint and I have always liked mixing paint colors – reminds me of teaching kindergarten.  I have enjoyed trying new quilting designs on all the blocks. Helen Godden has very detailed videos about the painting and quilting designs for the blocks which is very helpful. Some of the quilting designs have been challenging and took some practice.  It is challenging to quilt with black thread on painted fabric.  You can’t pull out any stitches so you have to be ready to just go for it. The blocks are about 16″ square.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting. Donna

Another UFO complete – Lock and Key Collages

I created this little “Personal Symbols” collages in Deborah Broschert‘s class when we went to the Sacred Thread show.

Once home, they landed in my UFO pile.

So, I took them out and thought about making a small wall collage with them.

They stayed on my design wall for awhile as I wasn’t sure I wanted to make a small wall hanging with them.

Then one night, I was looking around on Pinterest I saw a B&W house quilt.  Inspired by it, I decided to integrate my little collages into a Habitat for Humanity quilt.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I used B&W scraps and added a punch of the green and red (from the key blocks) as the doors.

I look forward to presenting it to a new homeowner when they have another Habitat for Humanity home dedication.

Happy Stitchin,