We are sisters, Donna and Mary .   We both recently retired, sold our places and moved in together close to the beach.

We decided to start a blog so that we could share our quilting adventures with our family and quilting friends.

imageAbout Donna: I started sewing garments when I took home economics in middle school.  I did lots of garment sewing for about 30 years.  I made my first bed quilt (twin size) when I was 18.  Our mom was a garment sewer but not a quilter.  So my first quilt was made with scraps from my mom’s sewing basket. Unfortunately the method I chose to join the squares and rectangles (zig-zag stitch) did not hold after using the quilt on my dorm bed for a year. So I had to redo the quilt the following summer. Lesson learned.  Lots of lessons to learn on the way.  I have made many bed quilts using traditional patterns for myself, family and friends.  A few year ago I started making smaller quilts and wall hangings.  I enjoy working on the small pieces so that I can experiment with techniques and designs.  I hope to do more landscape quilts using photos for inspiration in the future.  I have also started to learn how to free motion quilt so the small quilt pieces work great to practice on.

Self PortraitAbout: Mary.   I am a photographer at heart.     After going to numerous quilt shows and on one quilt cruise to Alaska, I finally gave into quilting.   I started quilting in November 2011.   Some of our quilter friends are amazed at how quickly I am coming up to speed in quilting.   Well…. it is pretty easy when I share my quilting space with my quilt instructor/sister.      I have discovered that I love fabric.  It’s becoming an addiction.     Since I do not come from a garment sewing background, I am a NO FEAR quilter (Donna’s nickname for me).   I’m very happy playing without a pattern and I’m always game to experiment with new techniques.   I hope to eventually be able to integrate some of my photographs (printed on fabric) into quilted art pieces.

Mary at her 1st sewing machine.


We hope you enjoy reading our blog and seeing our latest quilt creations.

10 thoughts on “About

  1. I hope you can help me. At a recent quilt show I saw the most adorable small quilt/wallhanging. It is 3 small scotty pups decorating a tree. They were on a ladder. I have fallen in love with this but cannot seem to find the pattern anywhere. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks..Pam–
    email is: pammie49gail@yahoo.com

    • Thank you Susan. No… we have not sold our creations. We give them as gifts to friends and family and decorate the house with them. We switch out pieces throughout the year to keep the fabric art hanging in the house fresh.

  2. Your selfie quilts are fantastic! The 3-D bits with the scarf and necklace are great touches. I enjoy following along with your quilting projects and what you’re up to.

    My avatar is my selfie quilt, made for a Selfie Quilt Challenge run by one of my quilting groups, the TheraPiecers (our group meetings send to be like mini therapy sessions).

    I enjoy working on little projects, too, Donna. Not only do I get to experiment, but I don’t get as bored as I do with large quilts! Keep the fun coming.

  3. Hi Donna and Mary!
    I enjoyed visiting your blog and seeing how your landscape pieces turned out,as well as all your other beautiful quilted projects. Wasn’t Sue’s class inspiring? I am still working on my hay bale piece and am finally ready to start quilting it.
    Best regards,
    Laura Tenney

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