Bee’s leaving the hive

Donna and I belong to a quilting bee that we named Bee Inspired. The five of us share our work and projects and in non-covid days we would meet to sew together. All through the Covid lockdowns, we met weekly on Zoom to share our latest work and to stay connected. These ladies are amazing and very talented. A constant source of inspiration and support.

Well, three of us are leaving the hive and moving out of the area. Donna and I are moving back to the Raleigh area and another one is moving to Wyoming. Fortunately we are all experts in Zoom.

Last week we had a wonderful luncheon, at one of the ladies home, and the two bee members, that are staying in the Wilmington area, gave Donna and I a wonderful quilted and embroidered gift that I just had to share with you.

This wall hanging represent our Bee Inspired group with 3 of us leaving the hive. One is heading west (to Wyoming) and the two heading north representing me and Donna (leaving Wilmington NC to go north to Raleigh NC). The 3D bees were done on the embroidery machine.

Our machines and stash is all packed up and ready for the move. We are looking forward to being closer to family and re-connecting with our quilting & photography friends in the Raleigh area. We’ll still zoom with our Bee Inspired bee and can still get together as we are only moving 2.5 hrs away.

Stay tuned and we’ll share our new sewing space, with our Bee Inspired wall hang. It will be fun to decorate a new home.

Happy Stitchin,


Little Onions – a wall hanging

We have not been real active posting on our blog lately. Sorry about that, but we have been a bit busy. We sold our house and are currently in a small apartment until we can get into our new house.

Moving is a lot of work and you never really appreciate how much sewing stuff one has until you have to pack it up. We did move our sewing tables and machines into the apartment (in place of a dining table). We also packed up some projects to work on while we are in the apartment but the bulk of our stash is in storage so we are limited to the small stash that we included in our project boxes. I know, we could go out and buy more fabric, but we really don’t want to do that.

Little Onions

This is a small piece that I plan to attach it to a 10″x10″ canvas to hang in our new house (in the kitchen/dining area). The applique pattern was much bigger than I wanted so I just shrunk it down on our printer/copier. I also did some hand stitching to the onion for additional texture. I think it will be perfect in our new house.

Happy Stitchin,


The Advocacy Project – Sister Artists 2 (Kenya): Hippo

Donna and I both signed up for a block and I got this sweet Hippo. Here is my Advocacy Project quilt.

Original Embroidery block.

The original embroidery was made by Jackline from the Kangemi community. This Hippo has such a sweet face it is hard to picture it as such a dangerous animal.

Our challenge was to take this embroidered block and turn it into a wall hanging that can later be auctioned off as a fundraiser for the Kangemi community of women.

I added wonky log cabin blocks and added a little hand stitching around the hippo to add some additional texture. The color scheme, that I chose represents the water, grass and the land.

I think I picked up the top border fabric (village print) at the free table from one of our Quilt Guild meetings in 2019. It was a perfect addition to my quilt. Thanks to whoever donated it to my stash.

Finished quilt.

I do love challenge and this one was extra special and an honor to highlight another woman’s beautiful work.

Have fun stitchin,


From fabric panel to quilted wall hanging

As I was going through one of my UFO boxes, I found a fabric panel of Paris.  The fabric panel has a watercolor look.  I decided to free motion quilt the panel and make a wall hanging (finished size is about 27″ x 46″).

I quilted the Eiffel Tower first with black thread – stitched a couple of times over the black lines for a sketchy look.  Then I quilted the background flowers and added more flowers and leaves to fill up the background.  I tried to use thread colors that were a shade darker than the colors in the panel.

I added a pink border and used a wacky flower motif to quilt the border.

It was a fun project to complete. Another UFO out of the box and finished.

Keep having fun quilting and sewing.  Donna

Stitched Indigo dyed fabric artwork

Have you even taken one of those Indigo dying workshops and then not known what to do with the beautiful piece of dyed fabric? I’m sure I’m not alone here.

Well, the other day I had a lightbulb moments. I pulled out two of my Indigo dyed pieces of fabric, cut them into squares, fused some shirt tailor to the back and then did some walking foot stitching on it.

I used white and navy thread and just stitched some gentle curves.

I already had some frames (that I rotate some of my photography in them), so I pulled out the photos in them and inserted my stitched Indigo pieces in them.

The was a quick and fun project and I love the final result.

Another home decor project done.

Happy Stitchin,


Tea at Five, Fun Quilting and Coloring class with Cristina Arcenegui Bono

I took a 6 hour online class with Mancuso Create DIY last week.

My instructor was from Spain so the class started at 6 pm for her and and 12 noon for me.  It was a whole cloth quilting class using fabric markers to add color.  I used her tea cup design for half of the quilt and then used a teapot appliqué pattern that I had. (“A Spot of Tea” pattern by Hizzyfitz Designs).

Now I don’t have to do the appliqué teapot pattern since I put the design in the whole cloth design and just colored it.

In the class we quilted around the contour lines of the design at least 3 times with black thread. Then we added the color using fabric markers  (The instructor likes to use Tsukineko fabric markers).  I had a few Tsukineko markers and some Tulip fabric markers.

Last step was to free motion the background with white thread.  I found an interesting fabric in my stash to use for the binding.  My finished quilt was 13″ square.  What a fun class.

Keep having fun sewing and quilting.   Donna

Christmas wall hanging from a panel

Mary found this holiday fabric panel in our Christmas fabric box.  So I decided to make a wall hanging using this panel.  I cut it apart, added blocks and fabric from our stash. It took some time to rearrange the blocks to get a design.   I quilted the wall hanging using a wonky flower design that I found on YouTube.  The finished wall hanging is about 30″ x 34″.  It is now hanging in the dining room. Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna

Big Dream panel

I bought a Big Dream panel (Hoffman fabrics) last year.  Last month I decided to try quilting the panel (42″ square). Since I had learned some new free motion quilting designs, I decided to give it a try.  I used a layer of wool batting and a layer of cotton batting. I watched a tutorial about quilting the Big Dream on Leah Day’s website and followed some of her tips.  First I did an outline stitch around all the petals and also an echo stitch 1/4″ around the petals.  I quilted the flower center next using orange embroidery thread.  I tried different free motion designs – about 15- for the petals. I used 3 different colors of embroidery threads for the large petals.  There were lots of tutorials on YouTube with quilting designs for this fabric panel. It took almost 2 weeks to complete the quilt.   I had fun trying out different free motion quilting motifs.  Another UFO completed.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting. Donna

Celtic design table topper

I have been taking online quilting classes from Philippa Naylor this year.

I decided to practice making the bias strips from the “Stems and Bias Strip Appliqué” class by making a small quilt about 40″ square. In the class we got the pattern for the circles and leaf shapes. She showed the design during the this class but not the directions for making the quilt. I used fall colors for my quilt.

In the class I learned how to make mitre corners for the bias strips. It was tricky to do since the strips were only about 1/2″ wide. I used water soluble glue to place the strips on the quilt and then stitched them in place.

The overlapping design of the bias strips reminded me of a Celtic design. I used different decorative stitches to appliqué the circles and leaf shapes.

For the quilting, I did echo quilting first and then added stippling.

It was a fun project to complete.

Keep having fun sewing and quilting. Donna

The Pink Project by Helen Godden and donations to Breast Cancer support group

I follow Helen Godden (Australian quilter) on facebook and YouTube.  Last month she posted a free project called “The Pink Project” to support her local breast cancer organization.  I decided to make the small pink wall hanging and donate it to Going Beyond The Pink organization which has given me support during my breast cancer journey. The quilt was free motion quilted with bright pink and white thread.  This was a fun project to do and try some new free motion quilting motifs.  I also found tote bags in my sewing room closet that I could donate so I added a quilt square to the front of each bag.  Going Beyond The Pink gives out care bags to newly diagnosed breast cancer patients.  I also made lots of tissue holders with packs of tissues to add to their care bags  (I think I made more than 80).  It was a great way to use up some pieces of fabric.  I am going to donate all these items in October during Breast Cancer awareness month.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting. Donna