Gingerbread Fun Embroidery – designs by Hatched in Africa

I wanted to make a skinny wallhanging with embroidery designs with gingerbread boys in coffee cups (Hatched in Africa designs).  I decided to make 3 designs and then make the wall hanging.  I changed the colors of the coffee cups to match the Christmas fabric (leftover scraps from a Moda Christmas panel) that I wanted to use.  It took me a while to remember how to use my embroidery machine – I forgot to add the basting box on the first 2 designs and changed the stabilizer on the last 2 designs.  By the time that I started the 3rd design, I remembered all the steps.  I cut a piece of batting to the size that I wanted and started to lay out the Christmas fabric and embroidery designs on the batting to come up with a design.  The finished size is about 11″ x 24″.  I was able to use the same quilt hanger that Mary had used for her coffee cup mini quilt.  I am going to have to practice my embroidery skills more so that I don’t forget the steps. Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna


Trapunto flowers wall hanging

I wanted to practice trapunto so I went searching for a video on You-tube.  I have been watching free motion quilting videos by Patsy Thompson and saw that she had a couple of videos about trapunto.  So I found some hand dyed fabric from another play day of experimenting with dyes and cut out some tulip flowers and stems and fused them on black fabric.  I used wool batting and placed the batting behind the flowers and stems.  Then I stitched around the flowers and stems and added some thread work on the flowers and stems.  I added cotton batting and a backing.  Then I used a decorative stitch to outline the black fabric using a variegated thread.  Using invisible thread, I quilted the black background and then black thread to quilt the border areas.  I want to try a new technique for an edge finish or binding.  So I will look at ideas on the internet.  Stay tuned to see what I find.  Looking for something fun and different.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna

Update on Habitat for Humanity group project by our quilting bee

Our quilting bee, “Bee Inspired”, had lots of fun making this quilt for Habitat for Humanity donation.  Each member made blocks of different sizes with a beach theme since we live by the coast.  We decided on a quilt design once the squares were completed.  We pieced together sections of the quilt at one of our bee meetings.  Each member was given a section to quilt so that we could use a Quilt as You Go technique to put the quilt sections together.  We used the same backing fabric for each of the sections.  At our last meeting, we put the sections together using a 1″ strip on the front and a folded 1.75″ strip on the backing.  I finished the quilt by adding a binding.  We all love this quilt – it will be hard to give it away but we know that a family will enjoy receiving our quilt for their new home. Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna

Another UFO completed: SeaLife collage quilt

The first two blocks in this collage quilt were made at a workshop (Mid-Atlantic quilt festival – Feb. 2015) with Linda Schmidt (Life’s a Beach class) – the wave and the sandy beach blocks. It is amazing how well the shells stayed on the fabric with fabric glue.  I did have to pull off a few shells when I added the binding but I glued the shells back on when the binding was complete.   A year later I decided to make more SeaLife quilt blocks to create a collage quilt similar to my Bird collage quilt (All about Birds).  You can read about the other blocks in earlier posts on the blog.  I really enjoy making collage quilts.  It is fun to make random blocks of different sizes and experiment with new techniques.  Then the challenge is to fit the blocks together and fill in the holes with new blocks to complete the quilt.  I used lots of different techniques on the SeaLife collage quilt.


The final 2 blocks added to the quilt were the seahorse block and the filler water block with the 5 orange fish.  To make the fish, I added Pellon 950f to the back of an orange fabric to stabilize the fabric for free motion quilting. Then using black thread I made the outline of the fish and added details to the fish.  I cut the fish out and glued them on the quilt and then stitched them on using a triple stitch and black thread.

I bought the seahorse square (about 12″ square) from a vendor at a quilt show earlier this year. I added a border around the seahorse square so that it would fit on the final row of the quilt.  Then I used free motion stitching to quilt the block.

I am very excited that this collage quilt is finally done.  It took some time to figure out what to add to the quilt and how to put the rows together with the quilt as you go technique.  My next collage quilt will be travel inspired.  I already have some small quilt blocks that I can use for this next quilt.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna

Habitat for Humanity donation quilt – 1 row completed

At our last bee meeting, we decided on a layout for our quilt with the completed blocks.  Mary and Terri stitched the blocks together in rows and sections while LouAnn and I pressed and trimmed the blocks. Then each person took home a section to quilt. At the next meeting we plan to put the rows/sections together using sashing and a “quilt as you go” technique. Before I could quilt my row, I had to “redo” my block that had 3 beach houses on it.  The block was too big for the row so I had to lose one of the houses.  I cut out the other 2 houses so I could re-use them on the new quilt block.  I changed the sky from white to blue for the new block and added a palm tree.  I tried to line up the sand on my block so it would match the other two blocks.

My redesigned block

Then I stitched the blocks together to make a row. I quilted the row using free motion quilting for the sky and a walking foot making curved lines for the sand areas.  At our next bee meeting, we will attach the rows with sashing. Can’t wait to see all the sections put together. Keep having fun sewing and quilting. Donna

“Jane Sassaman inspired” art quilt is finished

Added strips of green fabric under the “threads”

I am so excited that another UFO project is finished.  I re-arranged the circles at the bottom of the quilt after consulting with Mary and Lynn. I attached the circles with different buttons. I also had to add some hand sewing to secure the circles. Then the next challenge was to attach the top piece to the main center quilt section with the “threads” section that was made with the water soluble stabilizer.  Using some left over leaf fabrics , I made strips that I could use behind the “threads” to attach the top and large center pieces. I topstitched the strips on the backside of the 2 quilted sections.  I had fun trying new techniques with this quilt.   This quilt reminds me of the leaves on the plants in Hawaii.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting. Donna

“Updated” Animal ABC and Wonky Bird wall hangings

Back in the 1980’s, I made 2 embroidery pieces (one crewel embroidery and the other cross stitch – not counted cross stitch) when my two sons were born.  Originally both pieces were hung in a picture frame that my dad made – no glass.  I took the pieces out of the frames years ago and put the embroidery pieces in one of my UFO boxes.  I have been looking through my UFO boxes and trying to finish projects.  I decided to update these 2 pieces by adding a border and binding so they could be hung on a wall (for future grandkids – “fingers crossed”).   I did have to do some repair work on the crewel piece using a light green yarn on the outline yarn border- still had plenty of leftover yarns from other crewel projects.  For the Wonky Bird piece, I used free motion quilting to finish it.  For the Animal ABC piece, I used a blue thread to match the outline stitch that framed each alphabet square to quilt using a walking foot on the outline stitch so you couldn’t see where I quilted.  I used free motion quilting for the border.  I think that these projects look super cute now – just waiting to hang in a baby’s room.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna