Seaside Village quilt (pattern by Frieda Anderson)

Frieda Anderson was scheduled to come to our quild in Sept. 2018 to teach this fusible appliqué class based on her pattern (Seaside Village) but Hurricane Florence hit our area.  I had purchased the kit and pattern for the class.  I decided to make the pattern but change a few things so that it would look like the houses on Burano island in Venice.

I painted the fabric for the sky and the water (blue/green to look like the canal water in Venice). The sky was painted with a sponge and the water with a foam brush.  I quilted the piece but did not add binding because I plan to include this piece in my Venice collage quilt.

So far I have completed the mask and the Burano village scene.  I plan to also make the Rialto bridge plus a couple more quilted blocks – maybe some glassworks and a gondola.  I think that I will try making the bridge next. The Seaside village scene is 19″ x 13″.

Keep having fun sewing and quilting.   Donna

Completed project from Fall Paducah class with Marina Landi

Tree printed on fabric

At the Fall Paducah AQS show 2019, I took a class by Marina Landi from Brazil – Landscape Fiber Collage: Create with Wool, Thread, and more. We started the class with a tree photo printed on fabric.  Then we played with lots of fiber to make the foliage for the tree.

My foliage looks like hair.

We made small circles with the fiber using a stick and then placed it on the tree – using misty fuse.  I think that I made my foliage too large for the size of the trunk.  It was just a 3 hour class so I just finished the foliage in the class.  We were suppose to add gray and black fibers for the ground but I thought it was too dark so I added green yarns and fibers for the ground. I also added some black stitching to the trunk to make it look larger.   I put a piece of black tulle over the piece and then did free motion quilting. I trimmed about 3 inches off on one side.  I added piping to the piece using techniques that I had learned from an online course with Philippa Naylor.  Now one of my projects from Fall Paducah is complete. Yeh.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna

UFO from Sue Benner’s Sewing the Land class

I was reorganizing my UFO boxes ( Yes, I have more than one UFO box.), and I found this project from Sue Benner’s class. Mary and I took her class in the fall of 2017 at Greenville, NY (Hudson River Valley Fiber Arts Workshop).  It was a wonderful 5 day workshop and we had lots of fun taking this class.  I had finished one of the pieces from the class (see – Cattails landscape quilt – Nov. 2017) but I didn’t finish this piece during the class because I didn’t like the dock that I made.    The piece was ready for quilting except for the dock. So I figured out how to fix the dock – I made it a “broken” dock.  I had to use some new fabrics since I didn’t have any of the original fabric.  Before quilting, I stitched around the marsh grasses and the dock with a straight stitch.  I quilted wavy lines using green thread for the leaves at the top and the grasses at the bottom.  I used 2 different colors of blue thread to quilt the water with wavy lines.  I finished the edges with 3 rounds of satin stitch using 2 different colors of thread.  Yeh, another UFO done.  Keep having fun quilting and sewing. Donna

Garden inspired quilt wall hanging

Tasty Tomatoes pattern by Karen Eckmeier

Inspiration piece

This project was started with an inspiration piece – one of 3 batik scenes – which Mary and I found at the wool festival in upstate NY in the fall of 2017.   My piece was based on a garden scene.

Over the course of the past 2 years my piece was pinned on the design wall, was cut down and redesigned multiple times, and sat in a box when I needed the design wall for other pieces or was frustrated with the piece.


Finished piece

I started with a really cool design for the sun – the sun was made out of yellow vegetables – but it was too large for the piece.  So I cut down the sun and it was still too large, so I didn’t use it in the final piece.  Then I made 3 embroidered vegetables and a blackbird – none of them made the final cut.   I also made some “roots” like fabric using threads and yarns with water soluble stabilizer – another piece that didn’t make it into the final piece.

So I cut down the original piece (about 6″ from one side and the bottom. Final size is about 14″ by 29″. Then I appliquéd 3 vegetables and a sun made from hand painted fabric.  To make the seeds, I used watercolor pencils and textile medium to color the seeds and then stitched the seeds on using black thread.

I wanted to try a different kind of binding so I looked around on the internet and found an idea using yarn.  First I used a small zig zag to stitch around the edges.  Then I took 3 strands of yarn and twisted/braided the yarn and laid the yarn next to the edge of the quilt.  Using a “ladder” stitch I couched the yarn along the edge of the quilt.  I am going to try this binding again.

Another completed UFO.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna

Cactus Birds – art quilt challenge

The inspiration for this quilt was a small African embroidery piece of a roadrunner (Tambani African Embroidery – A window on African Folk Tales – handmade in South Africa).

I have been thinking about making some quilt with cactus so I decided to make a Southwest inspired piece and use birds from the Southwest.

I checked the internet for birds in the Southwest and then found some bird designs that I could modify to look like those birds.  Using machine embroidery and Backyard Birds designs from OESD, I made 3 birds that live in the Southwest.  I used a green background fabric so that I could later stitch the birds to the cactus.

I made a roadrunner that was inspired by Charlie Harper bird images.  I fused black and white fabrics to make this bird. It was fun to make the “modern” roadrunner.

For the background, I used an ombre fabric for the sunset.  I also had a small piece of striped southwest fabric that I really liked so I worked it into the quilt in the side panel and on the top.

The cactus was made by sewing strips together and then stitching to the background.  I added fun fur yarn to the cactus to give it some dimension.

Finished piece

I used free motion quilting to make the flowers on felt and then attach them onto the cactus. The rocks and greens are fused onto the background.

I finished the quilt using a facing.

Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna

Sunset on Cape Fear River – completed piece from Gloria Loughman’s Painted Landscape class

Mary’s photo

Painted fabric strips

I have finished my large piece (20″ x 23″) from Gloria Loughman’s Painted Landscape class at Empty Spools seminar in April.

This piece is based on a photo that Mary took from a restaurant along the Cape Fear river at sunset.

I painted white fabric with fabric dye paint to make the sky and water for this piece.  Fusible web was ironed on the back of the background fabric.  Then I cut the sky and water fabric into strips (1/2″ to 1 &1/2″ strips).

The horizon line was marked on the muslin base and then the strips were fused to the muslin.  Then the strips were sewn in rows using thread that matched the sky and water.  The land along the horizon was cut from black fabric and fused on.

To make the power lines, I used a white marking pencil to mark the outlines of the power lines.

Using a walking foot, a triple stitch and black thread, I stitched the power lines. I used a black pencil to make the shadows on the water.  I used a facing to finish the quilt.

Finished piece.

I really enjoyed painting the fabric.  I plan to do more painting in the future.  Gloria was a wonderful teacher.  She was very helpful and encouraging.

Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna

Sweet Pea Embroidery sew along for June – Ocean Scene

I completed my first sew along challenge with Sweet Pea embroidery designs.

I saw the ocean scene design on their facebook page and the many different entries looked fun.  Looking at the other entries helped me to pick out colors and thread colors.  So I signed up and bought the design.  You even get a discount for the current sew along design.

There is a specific window of time to complete your design to enter in the contest to win free designs.  The embroidery company is in Australia so you have to submit your design based on Australian time – I noticed that some people on facebook missed the deadline because of the time difference.    Each design has 3 sizes – I did the largest hoop size design (7″ x 12″).  

There were 5 panels for the scene and then the panels were sewn together.  I added 2 borders, then put another layer of batting for the whole design and added the binding.  

It took some time to find the fabrics for the scene – I tried to have dark, medium and light values for the water.  

This was a fun project to complete but it did take time.  The last panel (beach scene) took 200 minutes.  So what did I do while the machine was busy stitching out the designs?  I cleaned out 8 drawers in our sewing room.  I found items to donate, throw out, and organize so I can actually find some of the supplies.  LOL.  I plan to try another sew along later this year.  

Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna


Finished piece.

Heron at Sunset

The heron pattern is from a Row By Row pattern (2015) called Harrison’s Daybreak.

The original pattern used 2.5″ square blocks to create the sunset and water background.  I decided to use some of my hand painted fabric from the Painted Landscape class that I took from Gloria Loughman in April.  I used her technique to make a background using  narrow strips of fused fabric that was quilted to make the background.  Then I fused the black appliqué piece for the heron.  It was a fun project to complete.

Have fun sewing and quilting.  Donna

Iceland UFO finished using portrait quilt method

Using the ideas and techniques in a book by Jean Wells (Intuitive Color & Design), I made a landscape quilt after our trip to Iceland in 2017. You can see a previous post about this smaller quilt (21″ x 31.5″) before I made the portrait quilt. (

I had planned to use gray fabric for the portrait quilt but I changed my mind.  I made a black quilt with added strips and piecing on 2 sides of the portrait quilt (31″ x 41″).  I did straight line quilting with a walking foot. I made a facing for this larger quilt. Then I stitched the smaller quilt on the larger portrait quilt – hand stitching on the inside edges – not exactly easy with black thread on black fabric. Not sure that I will do a portrait quilt again since it was more work to make a second quilt and to make another facing plus sew smaller quilt on the larger quilt. It does frame the smaller quilt.  Trying new things this year.

Keep having fun sewing and quilting. Donna

Gloria Loughman’s Painted Landscape workshop – first project


Pattern for first project

Last week I took a 5 day workshop with Gloria Loughman.  We jumped right into the first project to learn her techniques.  After a brief introduction to meet our classmates, Gloria passed out brown paper lunch bags with a piece of her hand dyed fabric to use for the sky on our first project and directions to start the first project.   She had lots of sample quilts to show her techniques.

sky and water strips

We had a choice of direction for the sky fabric strips – horizontal, vertical, diagonal.  I choose vertical since I couldn’t fit a big cutting board and ruler in my luggage.  It was easier to make vertical strips although the diagonal strips looked really cool.  May have to try the diagonal strips on another project.


finished quilt (11.5″ x 16.5″)


In the first day and half, the class had finished the first warm up quilt project to learn Gloria’s techniques for this class.


To finish the quilt I used a facing.  Gloria demonstrated her technique to make a facing.  I looked on YouTube and found a facing technique that is not bulky at the corners to I gave it a try for this small piece.

facing on the back of the quilt

Here is the information about the this technique: Kim Caskey – facing tutorial on You Tube.  I had to guess what size squares to use but I will try this technique again.

I am still working on the second quilt that I made in the class.

Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna