Donna’s Quilts

2018 Quilt Gallery

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2015 Quilt Gallery:

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2013 Quilt Gallery:

DSCN7994 DSCN7998 DSCN8012 DSCN8008 DSCN8009 DSCN8014 Nov2013-challenge1

DSCN7941 DSCN7938 DSCN7934

DSCN7726 DSCN7729

DSCN7721 DSCN7725 DSCN7460

DSCN7459 DSCN7464 DSCN7463 DSCN7444 DSCN7443 DSCN7335 DSCN7330 DSCN7320 DSCN7442

DSCN7436 DSCN7438 DSCN7430 DSCN7426 DSCN7422 DSCN7374 DSCN7383 DSCN7367 DSCN7363 DSCN7298

DSCN7292 DSCN7294 DSCN7290 DSCN7276 DSCN7277 DSCN7285 DSCN7289 DSCN7282 DSCN7273

DSCN7269 DSCN7249 DSCN7267 DSCN7266 DSCN7257 DSCN7254

DSCN7200 DSCN7203 DSCN7211 DSCN7209

DSCN7001 DSCN6989 DSCN7006 DSCN7012

DSCN6202 DSCN6194 DSCN6110 DSCN6190 DSCN6170 DSCN6173 DSCN6154 DSCN6155 DSCN6163 DSCN6118 DSCN6107 DSCN6108

DSCN6094 DSCN6097 DSCN6095 DSCN6102

2012 Quilt Gallery:

DSCN6101 DSCN6025 DSCN6026 DSCN6010 DSCN5937 DSCN5980 DSCN5988

DSCN5934 DSCN5935 DSCN5928 DSCN5925 DSCN5932 DSCN5933 DSCN5920

DSCN5923 DSCN5918 DSCN5906

DSCN5904 DSCN5509 DSCN5506 DSCN5494 DSCN5485 DSCN5477 DSCN5475 DSCN5473 DSCN5458 DSCN5437 DSCN5427

DSCN5429 DSCN5415 DSCN5391 DSCN5385

DSCN5373 DSCN5369 DSCN4496 DSCN5368 DSCN4498

Halloween table topper

Halloween table topper

Christmas tree skirt

Christmas tree skirt

Holiday table runner

Holiday table runner

Triangle baby quilt

Triangle baby quilt

Say hello to Fishy Fishy.

Say hello to Fishy Fishy.

That's Crabby.

That’s Crabby.

"Out to Sea"

“Out to Sea”

"Under the Caribbean Sea"

“Under the Caribbean Sea”


Here is a gallery of some of Donna’s quilts prior to 2012 ==>

3 thoughts on “Donna’s Quilts

  1. Donna there are several of your projects I love…first would have to be your bear portrait. Absolutely beautiful, so realistic. You should have given me a class on that!!! Others I feel in love with were the Christmas Gift quilt, tree skirt, Christmas tree pillow, all of the bags and also your darling giraffes. They are precious. Merry Christmas my sweet friend, please keep in touch.

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