5 Finished quilts for gifts and charity

This past week was filled with quilting and making quilt bindings.  I quilted 2 baby quilts using fabric from my stash. The ocean baby quilt used a block technique on YouTube: 5 ways to use ugly fabric – a free pattern (Just Get It Done) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RePQz1eN5Ko.  My ocean fabric wasn’t ugly but I wanted to try this improv piecing technique that I had seen on YouTube.  The elephant and flower baby quilt used a tutorial by Karin Hellaby to make a quick square design (sew simple pineapple quilt blocks – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oeyZITYYysI). The block is made with 2 identical squares – no triangles.  Super fast and easy.  I quilted and put a binding on the black and red throw quilt for one of my brothers.  I used leftover blocks and fabric scraps from previous black and red quilts.  Then I quilted 2 Quilt of Valor quilts and put on the bindings.  One quilt was made with leftover star blocks and snowball blocks. I did have to make more star blocks to make the quilt big enough. The second quilt was made using a pattern called “Sara” by GE designs.  Super easy quilt pattern using 12.5″ squares. I need a break now from quilt bindings. Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna

Catching up on some projects

Four more random projects are finished. I finally made a new cover for our ironing board.  The previous cover was too busy and didn’t fit well.  So now we have a new cover for the ironing board.

I also made a new computer bag to replace the one that made about 9 years ago.  I cut strips and did “quilt as you go” to sew the strips onto the Soft n Stable batting. I also added some straight line quilting to the strips.

New bag has purple handles.

Mary’s computer bag

It was time for a new design and a smaller bag. I also made Mary a new smaller computer bag with some fabric that she really liked.  It was a quick project to complete.




The last project was a baby quilt that I made using a panel.  My oldest son has friends who were having their first baby so I made them a quilt using a panel from our stash.

Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna

Donated quilts for new babies

My oldest son asked me to make two baby quilts for 2 friends having their first babies this fall.  So I checked in my fabric box of children’s fabrics and found fabric for a boy and a girl quilt.  For the girl quilt, I used the pattern “Modern Quilt Relish” because I had a large print of ladybugs and a small print of ladybugs.  This pattern used only 4 fabrics.  I loved using the large blocks for this quilt.  It was a fast quilt to piece together. I also pieced the backing with leftover fabric. The finished size was 40″ x 47″.

I found an easy pattern for a layer cake of transportation fabric for the boy quilt. The free pattern was on Missouri Star Quilt You Tube channel – called Double Slice.  This was a quick pattern too and I used blue sashing around the blocks.  I also used left over layer cake fabric to piece the backing.  The finished size for this quilt was 46″  46″.

More fabric out the door. Yeh.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting. Donna

Rulerwork on a baby quilt

I wanted to practice quilting with rulers so I made a simple baby quilt to use for my practice quilt.  I hadn’t used quilting rulers since last year so I needed to watch some videos to get some tips.  Amanda Murphy has rulerwork videos and tips on the Bernina site: weallsew.  Just search under artists for Amanda Murphy and you will see her quilting videos with rulers. She also has good tips on her facebook site: Quilting with Amanda Murphy.  I used the straight ruler, a scallop ruler, and a couple of circle rulers.  The straight ruler is great to make lines in different directions and the quilting looks great. It is hard for me to get a good straight line without using a ruler.  It was challenging using my scallop ruler with the space on my domestic machine.  The rulers are designed for long arm quilting but can be used on a domestic machine.  I had lots of fun with the circle rulers from Amanda Murphy.  I made interlocking circles and the orange peel design which I really like.  In the future I am going to try using these rulers more to make interesting border designs.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting. Donna

Quilt of Valor quilt and baby quilt completed

I completed a Quilt of Valor (60″ x 73″) with leftover fabric from a Chinese Coins quilt of valor that I completed last year.  I had lots of leftover rectangles (6″ length) with various widths.  I added strips of solid colors (blue and white).  I did an overall stippling quilting pattern for this quilt.

I also completed a baby appliqué quilt for a friend using ocean animals.  I had lots of ocean fabrics which I used in this quilt to piece the backing – fish, whales, and other ocean animals.  I used the ocean appliqué pattern from this book by Kim Schaefer. There are really cute animal quilts and bibs in this book.  Since I live near the beach, I wanted to make the baby quilt with the ocean animals.  The finished size of this quilt was a 48″ square. Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna

Finished UFO projects

My blue wren fabric painting piece needed  a facing to finish the piece.  I used a facing technique from an online class from Philippa Naylor.  The technique worked well.  It was hard to get perfect corners with the painted fabric but I liked the results.  My serger (25 plus year old) died earlier this month.  So we bought a used serger from another guild member.  I made a serger cover using the serger and a fabric trash bag also.  Love how easy this serger is to thread.  I really struggled with threading my old serger.  Now ready to zoom ahead with serger projects. I also made a couple of  vinyl project bags using some home dec fabric.  Now I have more bags to hold my UFO projects. LOL Keep  having  fun  sewing  and  quilting.  Donna

Charity quilts for Sweet Charity

Our Quilt Bee worked on a quilt to donate to Sweet Charity.   Sweet Charity is a local quilt bee that donates quilts to a variety of group/organizations.

All of our Bee members made Star blocks and we put them together.    We used cool colors since we live near the beach and the scraps were used to make the back of the quilt (that way we do not have more scraps in our stash).   It does take more time to make a backing out of the scraps but it is also a good use of the leftover pieces and makes for an interesting backing.

This project started out as a one quilt, but it got too big so we decided to use some of the blocks for a baby quilt.

Sweet Charity quiltsWe now have 2 quilts to turn in at our next Quilt Guild meeting.

Happy Stitchin,


Using a hoop/ring for free motion quilting on a baby quilt

Our quilting bee worked on star block for a charity quilt.   We decided to make 2 quilts as it was getting too large to quilt.    I took on quilting the small (baby/toddler) quilt.  

One of our Bee members recently demo’d a quilting hoop.   We then purchased one set of rings and I played with it to quilt this group project.   Now I usually do not do this much quilting on a charity quilt, but I thought it was a good opportunity to try this new quilting tool.

I quilted different design in each square.   Here are my thoughts on these rings.

Ranger approved.

Pros:  Good control and easily moves by gripping the two nobs.   You also don’t have to wear quilting gloves.  Yeah!   I used it with and without a slider and it worked great both ways.   Good for quilting small areas and for tight quilting.

Cons:  It may not be good for quilting a loose overall design as it could be restrictive and would require lots one ring re-positioning.

The 2 ring package that we got included an 8″ and an 11′ ring.   We also bought the Martelli ones.   Shop around.   The ones that have a sewing machine brand name on it can cost more and but they are also made my Martelli.

Happy Stitchin,


Another UFO complete – Neonatal quilts

I’m new thing is that before I can start a new piece, I make myself finish a UFO.    Hopefully this will force me to finish all those unfinished projects that are taking up space in our studio.

Y’all know what lasagna quilts are (2 1/2″ strips sewn together over and over again.  Here is a tutorial on Making a Jelly Roll Race quilt (aka Lasagna Quilt) with Jenny Doan of Missouri Star.   They are fast and easy to make.   I’ve make a number of these (for charity quilts) but this time I decided that after I had the top done, I’d cut it up and reassemble it into 2 neonatal baby quilts.   Below are pics of my reassembled lasagna quilts.


I’m not sure that I’d do it this way again but it was a fun experiment.


Photographing finished quilts.  Whenever we lay a quilt out on the floor to photograph, our scottie, Ranger has to supervise as he considers the floor as “his” space.   He has to check out the quilts and I thought I’d share a few pic of him enjoying these quilts.

I think these quilts are “Ranger Approved“.

Happy Stitchin,



3 baby quilts finished this week

I finished piecing and quilting 3 baby quilts in February but the quilts still needed binding.  So now the bindings are done and they can be donated to the local hospital through our quilt guild.

Rail fence pattern

One quilt was a baby quilt pattern – rail fence.  I had fun adding some small squares to the second border because I didn’t have enough border fabric.


The second quilt was made with a collection of fat eighths that I won in a raffle.  I decided to cut the fabric into large squares and added some fabric from my stash. So that was an easy baby quilt to make.


The 3rd quilt was made from a panel.  I had fun practicing free motion quilting on the panel. I added borders to meet the size requirements for a donation quilt.

It feels  good  to  finish  some  of  my  UFOs.

Keep having  fun  sewing  and  quilting.   Donna