Another pre-Hurricane Florence embroidery project

I have bought some quilting books over the summer since I wasn’t able to get out during my chemo treatments.  I have also been watching quilting and sewing shows on tv and online.  I watched an episode of Sewing with Nancy about using your embroidery module to make quilted squares.  So I bought the book which also came with a dvd – Quilt with an Embroidery Machine by Nancy Zieman and Eileen Roche.  I really liked one of the quilt designs – flowers on a solid gray background.  I decided to change the background color to green and make the flowers bright colors for spring.  I made four 8″ quilted squares which I joined together so that I could use it on an end table in the living room. I used a fabric scrap for the background – really bright flowers.

First try with the purple fabric flower. You can’t see any of the stitching on the purple and white print fabric.

Second try – now you can see the black stitching.

The technique to add the flowers was different than what I have done in the past.  For each square: the background, batting, and backing is quilted before adding the flowers.  I chose to add the backing at the end so only quilted 2 layers.  Then the flowers are added one layer at a time and the layers are trimmed at the end which is a different technique.  The pink flowers has 4 layers and the orange flower has 3 layers.  At first I chose a different purple and white fabric which I liked instead of the orange fabric. But you couldn’t see the embroidery/quilting stitches on that fabric. So I started again with the orange fabric. I used black thread for the entire project.  I used a yarn binding for the edges.

This project was fun. Keep having fun sewing and quilting. Donna



Quilt of Valor with selvage borders

     I am back to my quilting projects.  I took a break to start substitute teaching part time so I haven’t been completing as many projects in the past month.  I started this Quilt of Valor last year when I started making selvage strip blocks and modern Disappearing nine patch squares.  When I started working again on this project, I needed to make more selvage blocks and more nine patch quilt blocks so that the quilt would be large enough (at least 55″ x 65″).  Here is a tutorial of a modern Disappearing nine patch quilt block using different layouts of the nine patch squares before cutting them:     I made the selvage strip blocks by sewing selvage strips (red and blue) on to a muslin base.  I put together the Disappearing nine patch blocks for the main section of the quilt.  Then I added the borders.  I used free motion quilting for the center of the quilt and a walking foot for straight line quilting in the borders.  I found a red/ white/ and blue plaid fabric to use for the binding.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting.

Happy New Year

DSCN8012Happy New Year.  Hope your new year will be filled with fun sewing and quilting projects.  I plan to work through my UFOs again this year.  I did finish about half of the projects from my list from last January.  Of course I have lots of new project ideas that I hope to complete also.  DSCN8014I am posting this picture of my snowman wall hanging and hoping that we don’t get winter weather (snow or ice) this weekend.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna

Selvage table runner

image         After Mary and I started to decorate the house image with some of our fall decorations, I decided to make a small table runner with fall colors to replace a guild challenge table runner in the dining room.  I decided to make a reversible selvage table runner since I have lots of selvages to work with.  I used fall colors for one side and ocean colors for the other side.  Just a quick project to add a little color to a small hutch in the dining room.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna


Hot Pocket pattern by Trish Stuart

DSCN8776                I have been participating in a quarterly club through Trish Stuart (  Each quarter she sends a kit with new products to try to make a project.  The Hot Pocket pattern was my April quarterly club project.  The Hot Pocket can be used to hold a flat iron or a mini-iron.  The inside lining uses the quilted silver fabric that is used for ironing board covers so you don’t have to wait until the iron cools before you finish packing.  The kit included cotton fabric, wool for the applique and the quilted silver fabric. I decided to use some of my selvage strips for the outside fabric.  Then I used my sewing machine to stitch on the leaves and stems from the wool.   I cut out 2 flowers and appliqued them on the front of the hot pocket.   I used the blanket stitch for the leaves and stems and free motion quilting for the flowers using black thread. This bag will be great to use when I take quilting classes and bring my mini-iron.  It was a quick and fun project to complete. Can’t wait to get my next quarterly club project later this month.  Keep having fun creating and sewing. Donna           DSCN8772

Selvage Tote bag

I made a selvage tote bag as a possible project for the kids’ sewing camp.  But I decided to make a sewing machine cover with the kids instead.  I used black and purple selvage strips for the tote bag.  I may use this project for another kids’ sewing class later in the year.  I enjoy making things using the selvages. The bag is about 14″ wide and 16″ tall.  For kids, I would probably shorten the height of the bag.   Have fun sewing and crafting.  Donna     DSCN7423DSCN7422

Selvage Sewing Machine cover

DSCN7425          I have been busy making selvage fabric projects this week.   I taught a kids’ sewing camp this week at the quilt shop ( 3 afternoons) using selvages to make projects.  The first day they made a selvage pincushion, a selvage tissue holder and a tree ornament using selvage for the decorations on the tree ornament.  What fun to make their own fabric using the selvages.  It was great practice to sew a straight stitch and use the backstitch.  They also had to sew on a button for the ornament and sew the closing on the side of selvage pincushion.  On the second day, they made a zippered pouch using selvage.  It was their first time putting a zipper in a pouch.   On the last day, they made selvage fabric to make a cover for their sewing machines.  It was a good day to make a sewing machine cover because it was raining when they left class.   The kids had fun sewing the projects.  They did a great job.  The pictures are my sewing machine cover sample for the class.  Two of the kids wanted to sew on the selvage strips on a diagonal like my sample.  The sewing machine cover is reversible.  The kids picked out a fat quarter to use for the other side.        Have fun sewing and crafting. Donna          DSCN7428DSCN7426

More fun with selvages

I have so much fun sewing the selvages.  I made a little tree ornament, a tissue holder and a pin cushion.  Very quick to make.  The tissue holder only takes about 7 minutes to make.  If you haven’t tried to make one, you should check out the tutorials on line.  Very quick with only 2 pieces of fabric.  The pincushion can be made in different sizes.  The tree ornament was super quick to make and cute with the selvage edges (colored dots for the ornaments).  Hope you try making things with selvages.  Be sure to leave about an inch of fabric past the selvage when you trim.  Check out the Selvage quilt images on line.  They are amazing.   DonnaDSCN6202

Selvage water bottle holder

Earlier this week I was looking for an easy project to make.  I had 4 selvage squares already made so I put them together to make this cute water bottle holder.  I found a tutorial on line  for a water bottle holder which I modified so that the bag was lined.  I also modified the straps which I thought were too wide.  Fun quick project.  I started making a second holder for my sister.  Just too cute to make only one.


More selvage potholders

DSCN5932 DSCN5933I am having fun using selvages to make things.  I made more selvage potholders for gifts for friends.  I used 2 different colors for each potholder for more interest.  I can’t wait to use my selvages for a new project.  I have sorted my selvages by color into bags so it is easy to find specific colors for my projects. Remember to leave about an inch of the fabric above the selvage line when you are cutting your selvage strips.  Then have fun using selvages in projects.  Donna