Cathedral Triangle Table topper (Sweet Pea embroidery design)

The Cathedral Triangle table topper was the December Sew along with Sweet Pea embroidery designs.  This design looks similar to a cathedral windows quilt design.  This design comes in 4 sizes and I used the 5x 5 design.  The finished table topper was about 20″ which fits on our living room end table.  The embroidery design stitched out beautifully but putting the triangle pieces together was a challenge.  I used 2 pieces of stabilizer and quilt batting so the seams were thick even after trimming away stabilizer and most of the batting in the seams.  I got it done using a 90/14 jeans needle and a walking foot.  If I make this design again, I would not used the quilt batting.  Without the quilt batting, it would be easier to stitch the seams together.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting. Donna

Trapunto Star bed quilt (Sweet Pea embroidery designs)

I started this embroidery project in January after seeing a post on the Sweet Pea embroidery facebook page. The quilt looked so beautiful that I just had to make it. I have been working on the quilt every month by making 20-30 blocks a month. I used “quilt as you go” to attach the blocks with a 1″ sashing on the front and 1.75″ sashing on the back. (see Leah Day quilting for tips on doing this technique). I put blocks together in rows and sections. The final seam down the middle of the quilt was the most challenging to put together since I had to match up the rows on a really long seam. I have about 40 left over border blocks because we weren’t sure how many border blocks we would need. Not sure what to do with the border blocks so they are in a box for now. I will give Mary her bed quilt at Christmas.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna

Pillow Week

It all started with a small embroidery project using a monochromatic technique that I saw on the sewing website.

First I made a small red flower on red fabric. I liked the effect so I tried another flower embroidery design on teal fabric. Now what to do with my embroidery sample? I decided to make a pillow for my bed so I could try out the cording on pillow technique from Philippa Naylor’s online class (

I haven’t added cording to pillows in a long time. The technique worked great. One pillow done.

I remembered a panel of bird pictures that looked like watercolor. I found 2 different size pillow forms to use. So I cut up 2 bird panels, added borders and then used straight line quilting. I added cording to both pillows. After completing 3 pillows, I think I am done with pillows for awhile.  

Keep having fun sewing and quilting. Donna


Holiday tree coasters

I have made other embroidery coasters by Kimberbell Designs in different motifs: spools of thread, apples, and watermelons. I made 4 coasters of each design. The pattern is basically a paper piecing design in the embroidery hoop. The embroidery design includes a cross hatch quilting design after all the pieces are sewn in place. I used scraps from my Christmas fabrics to complete the coasters. The finished size is about 5″ square. There are 3 sizes to choose from in the pattern – I chose the medium size. The coasters are completed in the hoop so all you need to do is turn them inside out and iron them. I think these coasters will look great for the holidays. Keep having fun sewing and quilting. Donna




Painted Threads (Sweet Pea Embroidery design)

I saw this painted embroidery design on the Sweet Pea Embroidery facebook page and just had to try it.  The nine blocks were embroidered with black thread and some of the blocks had black sashing.  I numbered the blocks so I could remember the placement before I started painted.  I used Inktense pencils for the narrow sections and then painted on top with a water / textile medium mixture.  For the larger areas, I used Inktense blocks and activated the ink using a paintbrush and the water/textile medium mixture.  After I painted the first block, I decided to choose a color and paint that color where I found it on the other blocks (this method helped me to remember what color I was using on the other blocks).  It was a fun painting project but it took a long time to complete since I had to wait for sections to dry before I finished painting an area.  After I finished painting, I heat set all the squares with an iron.  I sewed the blocks together and then added a backing (there was already batting in the squares from the embroidery work).  I stitched in the ditch along the black sashing to hold the backing in place.  Another fun Sweet Pea embroidery project.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting. Donna

Embroidery “Trapunto Star” quilt

I am so excited that I have just finished making all the quilt blocks (182) using my embroidery machine.

I started this quilt project in January.  The “Trapunto Star” embroidery is a Sweet Pea embroidery design.

I didn’t follow the directions for hooping the design.  I wanted to see the quilting design on the backing fabric so I also hooped the backing fabric under the stabilizer (I used polymesh).   In the directions, the quilt squares are stitched together then the backing is attached by stitching in the ditch.  Since my quilt blocks already had the backing fabric,  I had to use a different method of “quilt as you go” to attach the blocks.  I am using a method that Leah Day uses for joining the blocks with a sashing.

25 squares

For the sashing, I used a 1″ wide white fabric for the top and a colored batik fabric (cut size – 1.75″ and then folded) for the back of the quilt.  I topstitched the sashing strips in place.

Back of quilt

So far I have assembled 25 blocks (about 40″ square).  I have 3 more 40″ squares to put together. Then I am going to add the border squares .  I have enough border blocks to make 2 rows on 3 sides (I have about 100 border blocks).  I hope I made enough border squares.

Keep having fun sewing and quilting.   Donna

Pizza box quilt challenge with a bonus hexagon placemat/table topper

We started this quilting bee project in February with a focus block for inspiration and related fabric with any color restrictions.  My focus block was made with an embroidery of 3 Australian flowers (Sweet Pea embroidery design) made with denim blue colored thread. I added a variety of denim fabrics, a neutral print, and a light green fabric.  The 4 other members of our bee each made 3 additional blocks to add to my denim garden theme box.  After my box started its rotation among the bee members, I made additional blocks using my embroidery machine.  I made three 7″ hexagon blocks and seven 4″ hexagon blocks.  Only 2 of the 7″ hexagons made it into the final design. I also made a large 12″ block from an online class which I planned to put in the finished quilt design.  Our bee met at the end of June to get our boxes back with the blocks made by the bee members.  It was very exciting to see what the other bee members had made for me. They made awesome blocks to add to my wall hanging.  I made 6 additional blocks once I figured out a quilt setting.  Before I started free motion quilting, I stitched in the ditch around all the blocks.  I used ideas from Angela Walters book “Shape by Shape” quilting: wavy variation, circle spiral, triangle variation. Other free motion quilting designs used were: stippling, feathers, echo, pebbling, and McTavishing.  I like to challenge myself to try some new quilting designs.  I used some straight line quilting also.  I used 3 strands of yarn on the front and back for the binding (herringbone stitch).  I wanted to add some of the hexagon embroidery designs in the quilt. I kept trying different designs but didn’t like most of my ideas.  So I only used 2 large hexagons at the bottom.  I hand stitched seven small hexagons together – looks like a flower design – but could be used for a placemat or a table topper on an end table.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting. Donna

July embroidery projects and a Habitat quilt top

I completed 22 more embroidery quilt blocks for Mary’s quilt.

Only 22 more blocks to complete next month.  Then I can start assembling the “quilt as you go” blocks into rows after we decide on a layout for the blocks.


I also made some more embroidery blocks to add to my pizza box challenge quilt.  The dogwood flowers and the small design on the green fabric were embroidery designs on my sewing machine.  The hexagon blocks were embroidery designs from SweetPea embroidery designs.  I really like their embroidery designs. The company is located in Australia so they have some interesting flower designs.  Now I am quilting my pizza box challenge so it should be ready soon.


I also put together blocks to make a Habitat donation quilt while I was working on my embroidery projects this month.  The pieced blocks were done earlier in the year so I just had to sew the blocks into rows.  I decided to add a row of houses and trees to the design.

Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna

Embroidery projects for June

I had my embroidery module on my machine last week.  I made 21 more quilt blocks for Mary’s Trapunto quilt (Sweet Pea embroidery design).  Only 43 quilt blocks to go and then the assembly of the quilt.  I also worked on making 4 blocks to use in the Pizza box challenge that my bee has been working on for the past 5 months.  I found a really cute teapot planter design on OESD embroidery designs and stitched it in blue thread to match the other blocks in the challenge.


I made 3 more hexagon embroidery blocks (Sweet Pea embroidery designs) using some fabrics from the Pizza box challenge.  I can’t wait to get my Pizza box back and start working on making a quilt with the blocks.  More summer fun.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna

Cosmos Curves quilt finished

fullsizeoutput_f99I started this project last November in an online class (“Bernina Cosmos”) from Heirloom Creations, a quilt shop in South Dakota.  It was a great class and I learned many new techniques using lots of different presser feet for my machine.

I wanted to make an interesting border so I pieced leftover scraps from the quilt and added a black and white fabric for added interest.

I used quilting rulers for the borders.   I watched some machine quilting videos on Amanda Murphy’s facebook page.

I quilted an orange peel design in each of the corners.  It is hard to see the quilting in some places because of the black thread on black fabric.

I added the orange print piping to add interest to the binding.  I am excited that the project is done and now I can start watching some of my other online classes to learn new techniques.

Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna