Pillow Week

It all started with a small embroidery project using a monochromatic technique that I saw on the sewing mastery.com website.

First I made a small red flower on red fabric. I liked the effect so I tried another flower embroidery design on teal fabric. Now what to do with my embroidery sample? I decided to make a pillow for my bed so I could try out the cording on pillow technique from Philippa Naylor’s online class (quiltersquestiontime.com).

I haven’t added cording to pillows in a long time. The technique worked great. One pillow done.

I remembered a panel of bird pictures that looked like watercolor. I found 2 different size pillow forms to use. So I cut up 2 bird panels, added borders and then used straight line quilting. I added cording to both pillows. After completing 3 pillows, I think I am done with pillows for awhile.  

Keep having fun sewing and quilting. Donna


Chenille throw pillow

Recently, one of our Quilt Bee members show a beautiful chenille throw pillow that she had made.   The last time I did some chenille work was for the ocean on a blue crab quilt (Crabby).

I love the look of chenille so I decided to make a throw pillow.   It’s a piece of cake to make and I love the great texture you get from chenille.

The bottom layer is orange as we are trying to add hints of orange into our Living Room (that is tan/neutral & blue/navy/denin & teal).   I guess I’ve been watching too much of HGTV but saw some rooms that had our colors and a pop of orange and it looked great.    Next time I’d put the orange fabric on an upper layer so you could see more of it.


I usually just do an enveloping technique for the back of the pillow, but I decided to put in a zipper.  What was I thinking?  Four videos and 3 hours later, I had a zipper in the pillow back.   Did I tell you how much I hate doing zippers?    Some people should not be doing videos (just saying).  Well, I got the zipper installed, doesn’t look like the video but looks fine (not showing you a picture of it).

Happy “Stay @ Home” Stitchin,


Fall Leaves Bench pillow

I saw this embroidery design on Sweet Pea Embroidery (swpea.com) and the feathers reminded me of fall leaves.  The original design used appliquéd fabric on the feathers.  I decided to skip the appliquéd fabric and just use fall thread colors.  I really like how the “leaves” turned out. The embroidery design even quilts the background for you.  Very cool.   I used scraps of solid fabric in fall colors to make a border and used a print with narrow leaf designs in many colors.  Now I have bench pillow covers for 2 seasons (summer – watermelon and now fall leaves).  Looks like I will have to find winter and spring designs for the bench pillow.  I saw a monarch butterfly on the marigold flowers yesterday.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting. Donna

Southwest Pillow

Southwest throw pillow

Southwest Throw Pillow

I am working on a couple of larger projects (an Art Quilt) and some throws (Bonnie Hunter design).   But, sometime ya just have to work and complete a small project.

So, with one of my leftover blocks from my southwest Sampler Quilt, I made a throw pillow for the guest bedroom.    I expanded the block with borders and then quilted it.

Another project completed.   Now back to my other tow projects.

Happy Stitchin’,


Celtic Zodiac Symbol quilt block

I decided not to make a wall hanging with my Celtic Zodiac quilt block (salmon) because I didn’t like the size of the block.  So I decided to make the block into a pillow.  I found a pillow form in the closet and trimmed the block to fit.  The pillow was an easy project to complete.  So another UFO project is done.  I actually made both pillows in one afternoon (Hawaiian appliqué and Celtic Zodiac design).  I like to make quilted projects related to some of our travels.  I made 2 wall hangings from the Cape Cod trip (lighthouse and sailboat),  a Hawaiian appliqué pillow from Hawaii, an elephant from Nepal, NYC skyline using Hoffman digital print, and a Celtic Zodiac block from Ireland.  I want to make a wall hanging of the Rialto bridge from our Venice trip. I have an idea for that project but haven’t started it yet.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna

Hawaiian Applique quilt square finally done!

    Mary and I took a class a few years ago at our local quilt guild on making a Hawaiian appliqué quilt block.  We cut out our designs and basted the designs to white fabric.  The appliqué is needle turned by hand – not my favorite technique but I do like the look of the Hawaiian appliqué blocks.  I completed about 60% of the appliqué in the first year and then put it in my UFO box.  Found the design again when I was cleaning up and organizing the sewing room.  So I finished the needle turned appliqué and then used free motion quilting on my machine to complete the square.  I drew a quilting design on the blue appliqué design with a white marking pen.  The markings really helped me with the free motion quilting.  I used a walking foot to add echo – quilting lines in the white fabric.  I decided to make a pillow for our back porch with the quilt square.  When I decided to make an art quilt with Hawaiian leaves, Mary suggested using a Hawaiian appliqué block in the project.  She has a green Hawaiian appliqué square that I am going to finish quilting and then deconstruct the block for another art quilt project.  It feels good to complete another UFO. Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna

Modern Pillows

The “heat dome” has been sitting over us and is is way TOO HOT to go outside.   What to do?   QUILT!

I recently replaced my bed frame with a new (and more modern) upholstery headboard and surround.   I do love it but felt that I needed a couple of accent pillows to complete the look.

I got on Pinterest and found a modern pillow (http://justanotherhangup.blogspot.com/2011/03/new-pillow-design.html) to use as inspiration for my pillows.   Gotta love Pinterest!


My new accent pillows.

I love this linen looking fabric and thought that it worked well with my textured headboard.


In my mind, modern quilting is all about the negative space and


Final result.

the quilting, so I had some fun with straight line quilting on the linen looking fabric.     I like sectioning off areas and then I use various width lines in each section.    I think that it has more interest than simple even straight lines.    Uneven widths are also more forgiving and that works for me!

Happy Stitchin’,


Watermelon Bench Pillow

image    I saw this pattern for a watermelon bench pillow by Kimberbell and just had to make it.  I have been eating a lot of watermelon since Saturday. Mary and I went to a farmer’s market in town and bought a small watermelon and other vegetables.  I have been eating watermelon twice a day and there still is lots of watermelon. Should have bought a watermelon when we had our relatives visiting over the 4th of July.  Back to the pillow, this pattern was fun to make and had lots of embellishments: rick rack in different sizes for the vines, yo-yo flowers (the pattern made the flowers a different way but I have fun making yo-yo’s, rushing to make the rim of the large watermelon slice, and buttons. image I used scraps of red fabric to make the fabric.  I used free motion quilting on the pillow top after I attached all the appliqué pieces and stitched around them.  I quilted a little flower motif in the corners. image For the ants, I drew the legs and antennae with a fine tip Sharpie pen and then used 3 strands of floss to stitch over the marker lines.  The pattern directions are clear and easy to follow and include how to make the bench pillow using muslin. image To decide what color buttons to use, I took a picture of orange buttons and white buttons.       image Decided that I liked black buttons best.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna

Heart pillow with Bleeding Heart quilting design

image               I was looking on pinterest one night and found this cute and easy heart pillow.  I used linen fabric for the background of the hearts.  I practiced a new free motion quilting design – bleeding heart design. My mom was born in February and her favorite flower was the bleeding heart.  So this pillow is to honor my mom’s memory.  She loved to do crafts after all 5 kids had moved out of the house.  She made arrangements with silk flowers, wreaths with flowers and other craft items.  She made beautiful bows for her flower arrangements. I know that I didn’t inherit that ability – I can’t even tie a straight bow on my sneakers.  Back to the pillow design, I used fusible web to attach the hearts.  Then I used the triple stitch on my hearts to “string them together”.  image I plan to look for a new pillow design next month to celebrate March.  Maybe it will be a “pillow of the month” for the rest of the year.  Will see how many pillow designs I make this year.  I still have a stack of UFO projects to get through.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna

Crazy quilting pillow and pincushions

image           I made 2 crazy quilt squares using a muslin foundation and lots of decorative stitches.  This is a fun project to try out different decorative stitches and variegated threads too – great project for using up strips in your stash.  I started with a center shape and then kept adding different shaped fabrics from my stash in a clockwise matter around the center.      image I made a pillow from the larger piece of the crazy quilt.  I used the smaller piece to make a pincushion.  imageKeep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna