Table runner with Paris travel fabric

Another Paris UFO came out of the box and finished.  I was looking through some older Modern Patchwork magazines and found a pattern that I always wanted to make.  The pattern is called “Modern Petals Table Runner” by Nicole Neblett – Winter 2014 issue.  I made 4 blocks for this table runner and added a narrow border.  I used a blue fabric with names of cities in Europe and a fabric with fun Eiffel Tower motifs and stamps. The pattern has gentle curves which were easy to sew.  I used a combination of straight line echo quilting and stippling for the table runner.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting. Donna

Seaside Village quilt (pattern by Frieda Anderson)

Frieda Anderson was scheduled to come to our quild in Sept. 2018 to teach this fusible appliqué class based on her pattern (Seaside Village) but Hurricane Florence hit our area.  I had purchased the kit and pattern for the class.  I decided to make the pattern but change a few things so that it would look like the houses on Burano island in Venice.

I painted the fabric for the sky and the water (blue/green to look like the canal water in Venice). The sky was painted with a sponge and the water with a foam brush.  I quilted the piece but did not add binding because I plan to include this piece in my Venice collage quilt.

So far I have completed the mask and the Burano village scene.  I plan to also make the Rialto bridge plus a couple more quilted blocks – maybe some glassworks and a gondola.  I think that I will try making the bridge next. The Seaside village scene is 19″ x 13″.

Keep having fun sewing and quilting.   Donna

Venice travel collage quilt

I have been thinking about a Venice inspired travel quilt for a few years.  So I decided to dive in and start making collage blocks.

I watched a dvd by Linda M Poole -Artistic Painted Appliqué (i-quilt class) – to learn some techniques to paint on fabric.  I did a couple of practice pieces using watercolor pencils and crayons, Inktense blocks and textile medium.

For inspiration I looked at a mask that I had bought in Venice. I found a drawing on one of the free coloring book pages for a mask as my starting point.  I painted the mask on white fabric using some of the techniques from the dvd.  What fun!  I painted the face and then used a fabric gel pen to add some details to the mask like the music notes .  After fusing the mask to a background with a stabilizer under the mask, I used gold metallic thread to outline parts of the mask.

Oh I forgot about the eyes.  I used a few layers of black tulle and eyes that I made using a black marker and put the eyes behind the mask before fusing to the background.  Now she is looking at you. I added wool batting behind the mask and stitched around the mask for a trapunto effect.  I cut away the excess batting. Then added cotton batting and backing fabric and quilted the background.

I looked at pictures of Venice masks on pinterest to get ideas for a headpiece for the mask.  I fused fabric for the hat and added some wired ribbon and an artificial flower with a button.  I used a piece of sari ribbon for a scarf.  It was a fun project.  I am going to try to make one block a month – not sure if that will happen but it is a plan.

Keep having fun sewing and quilting. Donna

Sunset on Cape Fear River – completed piece from Gloria Loughman’s Painted Landscape class

Mary’s photo

Painted fabric strips

I have finished my large piece (20″ x 23″) from Gloria Loughman’s Painted Landscape class at Empty Spools seminar in April.

This piece is based on a photo that Mary took from a restaurant along the Cape Fear river at sunset.

I painted white fabric with fabric dye paint to make the sky and water for this piece.  Fusible web was ironed on the back of the background fabric.  Then I cut the sky and water fabric into strips (1/2″ to 1 &1/2″ strips).

The horizon line was marked on the muslin base and then the strips were fused to the muslin.  Then the strips were sewn in rows using thread that matched the sky and water.  The land along the horizon was cut from black fabric and fused on.

To make the power lines, I used a white marking pencil to mark the outlines of the power lines.

Using a walking foot, a triple stitch and black thread, I stitched the power lines. I used a black pencil to make the shadows on the water.  I used a facing to finish the quilt.

Finished piece.

I really enjoyed painting the fabric.  I plan to do more painting in the future.  Gloria was a wonderful teacher.  She was very helpful and encouraging.

Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna

Iceland UFO finished using portrait quilt method

Using the ideas and techniques in a book by Jean Wells (Intuitive Color & Design), I made a landscape quilt after our trip to Iceland in 2017. You can see a previous post about this smaller quilt (21″ x 31.5″) before I made the portrait quilt. (

I had planned to use gray fabric for the portrait quilt but I changed my mind.  I made a black quilt with added strips and piecing on 2 sides of the portrait quilt (31″ x 41″).  I did straight line quilting with a walking foot. I made a facing for this larger quilt. Then I stitched the smaller quilt on the larger portrait quilt – hand stitching on the inside edges – not exactly easy with black thread on black fabric. Not sure that I will do a portrait quilt again since it was more work to make a second quilt and to make another facing plus sew smaller quilt on the larger quilt. It does frame the smaller quilt.  Trying new things this year.

Keep having fun sewing and quilting. Donna

Unusual Icelandic mini quilt

While reading Jean Wells’ book – Intuitive Color and Design, I saw a unique way to display a mini- quilt.  Jean had mounted a mini-quilt on twigs and a linen background.  I loved the look of this quilt on the twigs.  I am sure that Jean used real twigs for her project.  I went to my local craft store and found a cinnamon scented broom made of twigs.  So I bought it home and had to let it air out for a week because the cinnamon smell was too strong. LOL  I cut the twigs to put on my linen covered canvas (11″ x 14″).  What a mess.  There was pieces of twigs all over the place – just like it was shedding.  So time to find a different solution.  So I went to a different craft store and found some more twigs.  Success.  Easy to cut and no shedding.  Then I got out my hot glue gun out and glued the twigs to the canvas.  I made a small mini-quilt of Iceland (using my larger quilt as inspiration).  I used the hot glue gun to attach the mini-quilt.   This was a fun project.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna

Update on my Iceland quilt

I used a walking foot to quilt the Iceland quilt.  I quilted using wavy lines that were close together.  Even though I have already trimmed the quilt, I think that I will make the edges wavy and then put a facing on the quilt instead of a binding.  I am going to use a facing technique from Vikki Pignatelli (“Quilting by Improvisation”).  I took a quilting workshop with Vikki a few years ago.

Once the facing is on, I am going to make a second quilt using Kona cotton – medium gray color – and make this quilt  larger than the Iceland quilt.  I will add some skinny strips around the edges of the the gray quilt.  I am still thinking about the design.  Once this quilt is quilted, I will then attach the Iceland quilt to the background quilt.  I saw this technique in Jean Wells’ book – “Intuitive Color & Design”.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna

Iceland landscape quilt inspired by Jean Wells abstract landscape quilts

Final design

I wanted to make a landscape quilt of Iceland after our trip in August.  During the trip, Mary found a book – “Iceland colors + patterns” with photographs of Iceland and colors representing those photographs.  I have wanted to make a quilt using Jean Wells’ techniques so I ordered her book and started sketching designs.  I wanted to make a quilt to represent different aspects of the landscape: night sky, volcanos, green meadows, and the ocean.

Northern lights elements

Elements within in the landscape: lava rocks, moss on the rocks, flowing lava, northern lights, and waterfalls (I didn’t include the waterfalls element in the final quilt).   I used curved piecing and improvisational cutting and piecing for the quilt blocks. I inserted strips of fabric to represent the elements.  I had lots of scraps of Kona cotton in many colors so I used those scraps for some of the elements.  I used mostly solid fabrics with a few exceptions – ocean, mountains and moss.   I tried to use fabric to represent the elements in an abstract way instead of using realistic elements.  I had lots of fun with this quilt.  Of course some elements didn’t work so I had to start over (ex. mountains).

Mountains, waterfalls, and Angelina fiber that didn’t really work for the final design.

Angelina fibers would have added great movement for the northern lights.

I really like adding embellishments to my landscape quilts but I had to hold back with adding the Angelina fibers to the sky – it would have made a great embellishment for the northern lights if I was doing a more realistic landscape.

Next steps are the quilting and binding the quilt.  I have to read more of Jean Wells’ book to get some new ideas.

Keep having fun sewing and quilting. Donna

“Jane Sassaman inspired” art quilt is finished

Added strips of green fabric under the “threads”

I am so excited that another UFO project is finished.  I re-arranged the circles at the bottom of the quilt after consulting with Mary and Lynn. I attached the circles with different buttons. I also had to add some hand sewing to secure the circles. Then the next challenge was to attach the top piece to the main center quilt section with the “threads” section that was made with the water soluble stabilizer.  Using some left over leaf fabrics , I made strips that I could use behind the “threads” to attach the top and large center pieces. I topstitched the strips on the backside of the 2 quilted sections.  I had fun trying new techniques with this quilt.   This quilt reminds me of the leaves on the plants in Hawaii.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting. Donna

Colors of Nepal wall hanging

I made a narrow wall hanging using poppy flower embroidery designs and fabric from Nepal that my daughter in law brought back from Nepal.  I always think of the color “red” when I think of Nepal – probably because of the red wedding sari dress that my daughter in law wore for the wedding in Nepal.  I made a collage design using the embroidery flower designs, paper cards with leaves from Nepal, embroidery trims from sari dresses, and woven fabric from Nepal. It was easy to stitch the paper cards on to the quilt batting and backing (just used the straight stitch).  I used strips of  fabric from a sari dress and 2 different cotton fabric strips to weave fabric for one of the collage blocks.  It was very easy to weave the fabrics. I stitched embroidery trims from Nepal on the top and bottom of the wall hanging.  I fussy cut some flowers and leaves to stitch on the wall hanging. There was one square left so I added a bird to one side and then I used thread sketching to add more color to the bird.  I quilted in the ditch around all the blocks and then used free motion quilting for the rest of the wall hanging.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna