Fire Island Hosta quilt top completed

I started working on the Fire Island Hosta quilt pattern (by Judy Neimeyer) last summer.  I made many sections of the quilt but had not started to put the sections together.  Last month I started to put the sections together. I watched some Youtube videos about putting together this quilt top.  After watching some videos, I started using a fabric glue stick to put together the curved sections. It was a lot easier to “ease” the fabric on the curves using the glue stick and less pins required.  I am amazed that all the sections went together – even matched the seams in the middle.  Next, I had to figure out the borders because I had bought the wrong size by mistake – I bought the 74″ square quilt pattern instead of a queen size pattern (94″ square).  So I needed to figure out more borders to make the quilt bigger.  First I added a narrow blue dot border (about 1″) then a scrappy border using leftover fabric from the quilt top.  The final border was a large print fabric but needed some cornerstones to add interest to the border.

First try at cornerstones

I looked for a 9″ paper pieced quilt square pattern online and found a pattern with points.  I made 4 blocks and was disappointed that they weren’t all the same size when I finished.  Also the finished quilt square reminded me of corn on the cob.  So I went in search of another pattern – this time a pieced pattern.

Final cornerstone for the borders

I am burnt out with paper piecing right now.  So I selected different scraps from the quilt and made 4 more cornerstone blocks.  I like the new cornerstones better.  I am glad that I decided to make new blocks.  After all the work that went into making this quilt, I needed to be happy with the borders too.

My grand-doggie decided to help me finish the quilt top. LOL

Once I piece a backing together, I will send it to my friend Sarah for long arm quilting. Keep having fun sewing and quilting. Donna


Laptop carrier bag by patterns by Annie

Mary wanted a new laptop carrier bag for Christmas so I looked online for patterns.  I found a pattern ( which was the right size and had an adjustable strap and 2 handles.  Mary gathered some fabrics together of colors that she liked.  I chose one of the fabrics for the focus fabric and then found coordinating fabrics.  I combined ideas from the two styles of the laptop bag because Mary wanted a large zippered pocket on the outside to hold the power cord.  I added 2 strips of paper piecing to give some detail to the front and back of the bag.  I used Soft n Stable for the stabilizer of the bag.  I was concerned that the bag would be too thick around the edges to sew with this stabilizer so I modified the width of the pockets to create less bulk.  I stitched together a couple of pieces of stabilizer to slide in the bottom of the bag.  I found some of the directions confusing so I used some easier techniques that I knew would work for the pockets and the strap/handles.  I am glad that Mary likes her new laptop carrier bag. I attached a little green Scottie dog that Mary gave me to the side strap. Keep having fun sewing and quilting. Donna

Puffin gifts

We exchange handmade gifts with a couple of our quilter friends.   This year, I made 2 things that would remind them of our wonderful quilting tour to Iceland that we all went on this year.

Iceland hotpad

One was a hotpad with a map of Iceland and an appliquéd Puffin.

The Puffin was fussy cut from a tea towel that I purchased in Iceland.   I do love puffins and was very excited when we saw them on the cliffs in Iceland.

Mug rug


The other is a paper pieced mug rug.   I found the puffin pattern online and purchased & downloaded it.

Making the mug rug rectangle made a good fit for a mug without having to cover-up the puffin.

Happy Stitchin,




More paper piecing sections completed for Fire Island Hosta

I got on a roll with the paper piecing and completed all the large sections for the pattern. I think I need a little break from paper piecing now. I have plenty of UFOs that need to be completed.  I think I will look for an easy project that won’t take long to complete. I still have to finish trimming each section before I can start attaching the sections together. So far, all my sections look like the pictures in the pattern book.Hopefully all the sections will be easy to sew together.  Next I will finish cutting out the large leaves and leaf veins and attaching the leaf stems to 8 leaves. Then I can start putting the sections together.  Can’t wait to see if all the colors look good together in this quilt. I used the color wheel to help pick out the colors – I chose analogous colors starting with yellow to green to blue-green to blue.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting. Donna

Progress on Fire Island Hosta quilt pattern designed by Judy Niemeyer)

I have started work on the Fire Island Hosta paper piecing quilt pattern that I bought last year.  I can’t believe that I actually bought the pattern but the quilt looks stunning at the quilt show.  Now the challenge is to complete the quilt.  In June, I sorted all the fabric into bags by the sections of the quilt. In July, I completed 2 sections (8 pieces per section).  Once all the cutting of the templates is completed, the sewing is easy since you just sew on the line.  I did follow the tips in the pattern which were helpful.  I set up a small iron and cutting board by my sewing machine so that it is easy to press and trim as you sew along.  My goal is to complete the quilt top by next April.  So I will try to keep working on the quilt each month until the top is finished.  The colors in the quilt will be white, yellow, green, blue-green, and blue. Hopefully the colors will all work together.  I will keep you posted on my progress.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna

Back from Quilt Guild Retreat – part 2

imageOne of the things that we do at retreat is to ask everyone (if they like) to make one 12 1/2″ block and the last night we raffle them on.

We sting them up in the main meeting room and they always look great!

This year we did B&W blocks and got 40 blocks so we had 4 raffle drawing and the winners each got 10 blocks.

No…. neither of us won.   Maybe next year.



One of the ladies in our group makes beautiful fabric collaged cards and did a little workshop on how to make them.    Here is the one that I made.






I don’t like to take projects to retreat that make me concentrate.  Too many people to visit with.  So I brought a charity quilt project.   A lasagna quilt.   You’ve all seen them.   Here it is (before I cut it up.lasanga1



Donna’s layout

Now, if I had left it that way and added borders, I’d be done.   But I got to thinking about Ricky Tims and how he cuts up things and then puts them back together.   Why not try it with a lasagna quilt?   One of my friend said YES and with that encouragement I cut it up.     First I separated it into two square pieces and then I cut it on the diagonal from corner to corner.   A few of us took the pieces to the design wall and played with it.   Nothing looked good, until Donna walked over and arranged them.   lasanga2

I sewed them back together and now I have 2 quilts (that both need borders).    What do you think?

I don’t think that I’d do it again as it took too much time and I could’ve  finished it if I’d left it as your basic lasagna quilt.  Oh well, it was fun experiementing.   Ya don’t know until you try something new.


Another project was to do a paper pieced block for our guild’s 2018 raffles quilt.   This was my contribution to the quilt.image


The “Big Block” 36″ x 36″



Lastly, worked on a Big block for my southwest Modern Sampler quilt.

It’s a 36″ x 36″ block.   I’ll do a separate post on that whole quilt.  Here is just one Big block from the quilt.   It combines lots of different block sizes and this is the biggest one in the quilt.

Happy Stitchin’




Back from our quilt guild’s retreat – part 1

Mary and I went to our quilt guild’s annual retreat last week (3 night retreat along the NC coast) with 40 quilters.  We had great weather considering that it is February.  I worked on some projects that I had started at our quilting retreat in January. image I finished quilting and binding a baby charity quilt and the mittens (Herky Jerky) wall hanging. imageimage I continued working on making squares using selvages in red and blue for a border on a Quilt of Valor. image Here is a website with 25 sewing projects using selvages: image I also continued working on a modern Disappearing 9 patch using patriotic fabrics – the selvage squares will be the border to this quilt.  Mary and I also made  paper piecing log cabin blocks for the next year’s raffle quilt. Here is my block. image Several members of a quilt bee bought paper piecing patterns and batik scraps for retreat members to make some blocks.  About 20 blocks were made during retreat.  There was a demo on making a fabric collage greeting card.image  I made a card with a beach scene but I still need to add stitching and embellishments to the card.  We played games on two nights.  One game was called ” Right, Left, Center”  I won one of the games and the prize was 33 assorted 10″ squares.  imageIt was fun to play the games but also fun to win the fabric too – especially a bird print that I really liked. Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna