Zakka Style Tote

DSCN7001    Here is another Zakka style project.  I made this tote using blue fabric rather than linen like the sample in the book because I really like blue.  I used 2 different Bernina presser feet to quilt the circle designs on the back of the tote.  I used the circle attachment to sew decorative designs inside the circles.  Then I used the roller foot to do echo quilting.  This was a fun foot to use because you can free motion quilt in any direction without lowering the feed dogs so you get very even stitches.  The roller foot was originally designed to sew around the fingers on leather gloves.   I can’t wait to make my next circle project.  I watched a video of Libby Lehman and her radiant circle quilt – very cool design.   DonnaDSCN7002DSCN6989

Zakka Style Fabric Box

Another fun Zakka style project.  This fabric box is the medium size (5″). There are 3 different sizes in the book.  I used linen fabric along with cotton squares and leaf applique. I used wool batting but next time I will use cotton batting.  I will also add lining to the inside of the box so you will not see the inside seams.  It was a fun box to make.  Mary is already claiming this box for her room – her colors!  Donna



Zakka style sewing kits

DSCN6166DSCN6118What at fun book.  “Zakka Style” 24 projects compiled by Rashida Coleman-Hale.  Lots of fun little projects in this book.  I have made 4 of these little sewing kits – I made a couple of these sewing kits for friends.   I added a flower and leaves with free motion quilting.  I used homespun fabric instead of linen.  The sewing kit has a little pincushion that fits in a pocket.  I used the cutting directions to make the first bag (purple) but I thought the bag was smaller than I wanted.  So I made the rest of the sewing kits a little larger than the directions in the book.  I plan to make more the projects in the book. Donna

DSCN6170 DSCN6116

Free motion quilting practice on an I-pad (tablet) bag

DSCN6155I got inspired by a Quilting Arts program to practice using free motion quilting to make an art book. I decided to use the ideas to make a tablet bag instead.  On the front, I added a pocket with a zipper to store the tablet’s cord.  I cut out flower shapes and used washable glue to position the flowers.  I used black thread to free motion stitch around the flowers and added leaves.  I made spirals in the center of the flowers.  On the back of the bag, I fused different shapes on the backing to make a collage.  Then I had fun practicing different free motion stitches on each shape.  I sent this bag to my second cousin in California who is turning 16 this month.  It was a fun bag to make.     Donna