Brown bag mystery quilt project by “Bee-Inspired” quilting bee

2nd quilt (guy quilt) – clues 1 & 2

Our quilting bee decided to do a mystery quilt project. There were 3 different colors to choose from: warm batiks, cool batiks, and bright cotton. There are 5 clues which are mailed every 2 weeks. We just received the 3rd clue.

Clue #1 in 5 different color  ways

Here is a look at clue #1 with the 5 different colors that our group is working on.

Clue #3 completed

I decided to make another quilt to use as a gift. So I went into my stash to look for fabric for a “guy” quilt. I chose navy and tan for this quilt.

Earlier this month our quilting bee met for a sew day and worked on clue #3 of our mystery quilt project.

Looking forward to seeing what the finished quilts will look like.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting. Donna



Black and white strip quilt is finished

I started this strip quilt in January during our quilt guild retreat.  I used random strips of different sizes in black, white, gray, and red. You think that you are using up lots of fabric from your stash to make a quilt but there is still plenty of fabric in the stash. I wasn’t sure how big the quilt would be but I was trying to make a lap quilt.   The finished size is about 64″ x 70″.  I really like the variety of solids and prints.  Since I was feeling better before my next cancer treatment this week, I decided to finish the quilt with the binding.  It feels good to complete some projects. I also added a binding to a charity baby quilt over the weekend. Keep having fun sewing and quilting.


Fire Island Hosta quilt top completed

I started working on the Fire Island Hosta quilt pattern (by Judy Neimeyer) last summer.  I made many sections of the quilt but had not started to put the sections together.  Last month I started to put the sections together. I watched some Youtube videos about putting together this quilt top.  After watching some videos, I started using a fabric glue stick to put together the curved sections. It was a lot easier to “ease” the fabric on the curves using the glue stick and less pins required.  I am amazed that all the sections went together – even matched the seams in the middle.  Next, I had to figure out the borders because I had bought the wrong size by mistake – I bought the 74″ square quilt pattern instead of a queen size pattern (94″ square).  So I needed to figure out more borders to make the quilt bigger.  First I added a narrow blue dot border (about 1″) then a scrappy border using leftover fabric from the quilt top.  The final border was a large print fabric but needed some cornerstones to add interest to the border.

First try at cornerstones

I looked for a 9″ paper pieced quilt square pattern online and found a pattern with points.  I made 4 blocks and was disappointed that they weren’t all the same size when I finished.  Also the finished quilt square reminded me of corn on the cob.  So I went in search of another pattern – this time a pieced pattern.

Final cornerstone for the borders

I am burnt out with paper piecing right now.  So I selected different scraps from the quilt and made 4 more cornerstone blocks.  I like the new cornerstones better.  I am glad that I decided to make new blocks.  After all the work that went into making this quilt, I needed to be happy with the borders too.

My grand-doggie decided to help me finish the quilt top. LOL

Once I piece a backing together, I will send it to my friend Sarah for long arm quilting. Keep having fun sewing and quilting. Donna

Strip quilt with sea glass colors – Finished!

I finished the sea glass strip quilt last month.  I attached the borders to the top and bottom of the quilt first.  The border was made with left-over fabric from the quilt and the 4″ kite Accu-go die cut.  Four blocks made one 8″ block which I pieced together for the border.  I decided to use Quilt As You Go since the quilt kept growing.  So I “unstitched” the seam in the middle of the quilt and added the border to the sides.  Then I quilted each half of the quilt.  I made a narrow sashing using some of the strip fabrics for the front and backing fabric for the back of the quilt to attach the 2 sections together.  Added the binding and it’s done.  I think that the border really adds interest to the strip quilt.  Love the colors – reminds me of the ocean.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting. Donna

January 2018 “UFO project” (Rainbow Star Quilt) completed

2017 quilt top

I started this quilt last January and completed the top and then put the quilt top in my UFO box.  Earlier this month I decided to practice some free motion quilting so I pulled out the quilt.  The Rainbow Star quilt pattern is free on Leah Day’s website (  When you cut out this quilt pattern, you have enough to make 2 quilt tops.  On Leah Day’s website, you will find the directions to make this quilt and also information about how to quilt the top using free motion quilting and straight line quilting with a walking foot.  She has great videos on her website for free motion quilting designs.  These are the quilting designs that I used: pink – modern weave, purple – chain of pearls, blue – Poseidon’s eye, teal – flowing feathers leaves, green – fern and stem, yellow – lemonade, orange – snake paisley, and red – ocean currents.  For the square corners and triangle sections, I used ideas from Angela Walters’ book: Shape by Shape free motion quilting.

2018 – completed quilt

I had fun with the free motion quilting designs.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting. Donna

Strip quilt using sea glass colors

I am trying to work through my stash. LOL  So I started cutting 2.5″ strips of different lengths to make a quilt for a gift – needs to be finished by May. I used white strips to break up the colors. Right now the quilt is about 66″ x 72″. I added a narrow border and plan to work on an 8″ border using a 4″ kite die cut that I got for Christmas.   I am planning to make the border during my quilt guild’s retreat in mid- January. So I will keep you posted on my progress.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting. Donna

Bonnie Hunter’s – Scrappy Mountain Majesties!

For the record, I’m not a scrappy quilter.   While I really love seeing scrappy quilts and can appreciate all the work that goes into it, it’s just not something that I’ve wanted to do.   I guess, I’m much more of an art quilter and modern quilter.

One of my quilter friends, Carolyn, is a huge Bonnie Hunter fan and is always trying to get me to make one of her scrappy quilts.  You see, I never thought that I would ever finish a quilt that required you to sew 300, 500, or even 600 little small pieces of fabric together.      I had, successfully resisted the scrappy movement…. until I saw this one quilt that Carolyn made from mens shirts and I loved, loved, loved it.    Then she made and showed me another one.  Come to find out it is a free Bonnie Hunter pattern called Scrappy Mountain Majesties.   Oh My Needles, I just have to make this quilt.

We needed a new throw for our living room couch, so I pulled together blues and neutrals (tans/creams), bought some additional fabric (so it’s probably not “pure scrappy”), downloaded the pattern, and went at it.   It’s a great pattern with lots of different layouts.

Here is my finished throw.   I love the movement and it was EASY!  Yes, I said EASY.

majestic mountain

I can now say, I MAKE A BONNIE HUNTER SCRAPPY QUILT!    I guess that means that I am now in the club.

Oh…. notice that I also made a scrappy border and binding to use up my scraps.   Do I get extra points for that?

Happy Stitchin’


Ps.  Yes, Carolyn, I put a label on the back.