Carpenter Star bed quilt

Mary and I worked together to make a bed quilt (queen size) as an anniversary gift for one of our relatives.

It was a surprise gift and we knew that purple was a favorite color.  So we went to the fabric store and found some purple fabric but we needed an accent color plus white for the background.  Since some of the purple print fabric had teal, we chose teal for the accent color – we do like teal.  

Mary made all the half-square triangle blocks and sewed the center motif of the Carpenter Star quilt pattern.  I quilted the center motif and then added borders using a quilt as you go technique.  Mary finished the quilt with the binding.

Keep having fun sewing and quilting.

Donna and Mary

Floral Sketch (Daisy) embroidery design and MahJongg

After making the Ethnic Bird embroidery designs, I wanted to test out my larger hoop so I stitched out a Floral Sketch design (Daisy) by Hatched in Africa.  I didn’t want to use white fabric for my background so I started looking through my color boxes of fabric.  I found a piece of coral fabric  to use with navy thread.  I love how the embroidery stitched out with this color combination.  Well, now I needed a project for the floral embroidery design.  Can’t have embroidery designs laying around.  I have enough UFOs laying around. After Mary and I started playing the MahJongg game with some neighbors, she found some MahJongg fabric to buy online.  I made 4 zipper pouches to give away to friends.  I still had some MahJongg fabric leftover so I made a zipper bag for us to take to MahJongg games.  I used the floral embroidery for the front of the bag and added a zipper – the leftover MahJongg fabric was put on the back of the bag.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna

Ethnic Birds embroidery designs

I just got my machine back from being serviced and wanted to try out some embroidery designs.  I started stitching out Ethnic Bird designs from Hatched in Africa when I decided the birds needed to go in a project.  I wanted to update my sewing machine cover and add fabric at the sides of the cover too. I used the old machine cover to cut out pieces for the side ends of the cover.  I used 7 bird embroidery designs to make the sewing cover.  I added green and black strips around the birds to coordinate with the pieces from the old machine cover. I also did some decorative machine stitching with green thread on the sewing machine cover.  It was a quick project and now I have some fun birds on my sewing machine cover.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting. Donna

Progress on Fire Island Hosta quilt pattern designed by Judy Niemeyer)

I have started work on the Fire Island Hosta paper piecing quilt pattern that I bought last year.  I can’t believe that I actually bought the pattern but the quilt looks stunning at the quilt show.  Now the challenge is to complete the quilt.  In June, I sorted all the fabric into bags by the sections of the quilt. In July, I completed 2 sections (8 pieces per section).  Once all the cutting of the templates is completed, the sewing is easy since you just sew on the line.  I did follow the tips in the pattern which were helpful.  I set up a small iron and cutting board by my sewing machine so that it is easy to press and trim as you sew along.  My goal is to complete the quilt top by next April.  So I will try to keep working on the quilt each month until the top is finished.  The colors in the quilt will be white, yellow, green, blue-green, and blue. Hopefully the colors will all work together.  I will keep you posted on my progress.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna

Fabric fun outdoors

I went outside to play with fabric on a sunny morning last month.  I used white muslin, cotton batting, old linen napkins found at a thrift store and fusible web. I had sponge brushes, Lumiere metallic paint by Jacquard, and Dye-na-Flow fabric paint.  I mixed colors and just had fun.  I played with painting sunsets – need more practice getting the colors in sequence for different skies.  I had lots of fun painting with the Lumiere paints – who doesn’t like glitter paint.  I heat set the fabrics with an iron after the fabric dried outdoors.  The fabric will probably go in a circle quilt that I have been thinking about.  But I still have lots more paints and dyes to play.  Just waiting for the another sunny day so I can play again.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna

Southwest Pillow

Southwest throw pillow

Southwest Throw Pillow

I am working on a couple of larger projects (an Art Quilt) and some throws (Bonnie Hunter design).   But, sometime ya just have to work and complete a small project.

So, with one of my leftover blocks from my southwest Sampler Quilt, I made a throw pillow for the guest bedroom.    I expanded the block with borders and then quilted it.

Another project completed.   Now back to my other tow projects.

Happy Stitchin’,


Bee Project – Habitat for Humanity charity quilt (in progress)

Here are my blocks for our Quilt Bee’s Habitat for Humanity charity quilt (that Donna discussed in the previous post).

Mary’s blocks. The bottom 3 are paper pieced blocks.

I had fun making these blocks (particularly the dog house block with the scottie) and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone else’s blocks.

Happy Stitchin’