Venice bridge quilt in progress

Last month I started working on a bridge scene from Venice.  Mary and I visited Venice about 15 years ago.  I painted white fabric with green and blue paint for the water since the canal water is a blue/green color.  I cut apart the water fabric into strips and stitched them onto a quilt sandwich of muslin, batting and backing.  I also used some painted fabric for the blue sky.  I used fusible appliqué to attach the buildings and the bridge.  Next I will do quilting on the buildings and the bridge.  Then I will add some confetti leaves in trees on the left side.  Still more work to do but I like my progress so far.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna

Picnic Petals quilt by Whole Circle Studio

Our quilt guild had a Zoom class earlier this month from Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill of Whole Circle Studio.

I wanted to make the throw size quilt so Mary took the class also and helped me sew the blocks for my quilt during the class.  The blocks were huge – 18″ square.  The finished size was about 60″ x 66″.

Sheri was a good instructor and shared many tips and other quilts.  It was fun to be on a Zoom class with other quilters from our guild especially to see the color choices made by the other quilters.

I liked the modern look of this quilt pattern.  I used a white and purple batik for the background fabric.  After I started cutting the fabric, I noticed that I needed to watch how I placed the templates since my background fabric was directional.

The curved piecing was easy to sew since the curves were gentle and the blocks were large.

For the quilting, I used a walking foot with variegated thread to echo quilt the petals.  In the open areas, I used free motion stippling and made feathers inside the petals.

I used colored strips of different lengths from leftover fabric to make the binding.

Keep having fun and sewing. Donna

Two online classes from 2021 Quilting Sewing Summit

2021 Quilting Sewing Summit had free quilting and sewing classes during the first week of February.  I took 2 classes – Trapunto and Paper piecing.  The Trapunto class was taught by a quilter from Hungry – Agnes Bobak.  In this class we made a trapunto shell using a stencil.  It was fun to take a class from an instructor outside the US. After the class I used my Inktense pencils to color the shell so it would stand out on the turquoise fabric.

The second class was a modern cactus pillow block using foundation paper piecing.  us pattern was called “Succulent” by Melissa Mason (Her website: Quilt All the Things).  I liked the modern look of this cactus flower. I quilted the block using my walking foot – straight lines and echo quilting. I decided not to make a pillow so I used a yarn binding instead.  The finished block is about 16″ square.

Keep having fun sewing and quilting.


Table runner with Paris travel fabric

Another Paris UFO came out of the box and finished.  I was looking through some older Modern Patchwork magazines and found a pattern that I always wanted to make.  The pattern is called “Modern Petals Table Runner” by Nicole Neblett – Winter 2014 issue.  I made 4 blocks for this table runner and added a narrow border.  I used a blue fabric with names of cities in Europe and a fabric with fun Eiffel Tower motifs and stamps. The pattern has gentle curves which were easy to sew.  I used a combination of straight line echo quilting and stippling for the table runner.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting. Donna

From fabric panel to quilted wall hanging

As I was going through one of my UFO boxes, I found a fabric panel of Paris.  The fabric panel has a watercolor look.  I decided to free motion quilt the panel and make a wall hanging (finished size is about 27″ x 46″).

I quilted the Eiffel Tower first with black thread – stitched a couple of times over the black lines for a sketchy look.  Then I quilted the background flowers and added more flowers and leaves to fill up the background.  I tried to use thread colors that were a shade darker than the colors in the panel.

I added a pink border and used a wacky flower motif to quilt the border.

It was a fun project to complete. Another UFO out of the box and finished.

Keep having fun quilting and sewing.  Donna

Scottie Quilt

While I was going through my doggie/scottie fabric stash (because the box does not close), I came across a scottie layer cake. I figured it was about time I do something with it.

Our scottie Ranger, does not really anymore throws, so I decided to make up the layer cake and donate it to Scottie Rescue so they can auction it off.

It turned out a bit busier than I like (I’m not a scrappy girl), but I still like it and I ‘m sure some scottie dog owner will love it.

Happy Stitchin,


5 Finished quilts for gifts and charity

This past week was filled with quilting and making quilt bindings.  I quilted 2 baby quilts using fabric from my stash. The ocean baby quilt used a block technique on YouTube: 5 ways to use ugly fabric – a free pattern (Just Get It Done) –  My ocean fabric wasn’t ugly but I wanted to try this improv piecing technique that I had seen on YouTube.  The elephant and flower baby quilt used a tutorial by Karin Hellaby to make a quick square design (sew simple pineapple quilt blocks – The block is made with 2 identical squares – no triangles.  Super fast and easy.  I quilted and put a binding on the black and red throw quilt for one of my brothers.  I used leftover blocks and fabric scraps from previous black and red quilts.  Then I quilted 2 Quilt of Valor quilts and put on the bindings.  One quilt was made with leftover star blocks and snowball blocks. I did have to make more star blocks to make the quilt big enough. The second quilt was made using a pattern called “Sara” by GE designs.  Super easy quilt pattern using 12.5″ squares. I need a break now from quilt bindings. Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna

Stitched Indigo dyed fabric artwork

Have you even taken one of those Indigo dying workshops and then not known what to do with the beautiful piece of dyed fabric? I’m sure I’m not alone here.

Well, the other day I had a lightbulb moments. I pulled out two of my Indigo dyed pieces of fabric, cut them into squares, fused some shirt tailor to the back and then did some walking foot stitching on it.

I used white and navy thread and just stitched some gentle curves.

I already had some frames (that I rotate some of my photography in them), so I pulled out the photos in them and inserted my stitched Indigo pieces in them.

The was a quick and fun project and I love the final result.

Another home decor project done.

Happy Stitchin,


Tea at Five, Fun Quilting and Coloring class with Cristina Arcenegui Bono

I took a 6 hour online class with Mancuso Create DIY last week.

My instructor was from Spain so the class started at 6 pm for her and and 12 noon for me.  It was a whole cloth quilting class using fabric markers to add color.  I used her tea cup design for half of the quilt and then used a teapot appliqué pattern that I had. (“A Spot of Tea” pattern by Hizzyfitz Designs).

Now I don’t have to do the appliqué teapot pattern since I put the design in the whole cloth design and just colored it.

In the class we quilted around the contour lines of the design at least 3 times with black thread. Then we added the color using fabric markers  (The instructor likes to use Tsukineko fabric markers).  I had a few Tsukineko markers and some Tulip fabric markers.

Last step was to free motion the background with white thread.  I found an interesting fabric in my stash to use for the binding.  My finished quilt was 13″ square.  What a fun class.

Keep having fun sewing and quilting.   Donna

Stitched Paper Collage

Yesterday I took a 3 hr Zoom workshop on Stitched Paper Collage with David Owen Hastings. The workshop was through Mancuso Show Management that offered a Create DIY an Online Textile Art Festival. The Festival offered classes and lectures on lots of textile art, including fiber art (quilting/sewing).

My class was on Stitched Paper Collage. So I got out my Singer Featherweight (as it can stitch through anything), and a collection of papers to stitch (old photos, junk mail, and magazines).

Here are my three little pieces from the workshop.

The threads were intentionally left hanging for added texture. I really like this effect.

This is a mix of some of my photography (cut-up) and a Lands End catalog winter jacket.

It was a GREAT Class and I do plan to do more stitching on paper. Maybe a large piece to frame and perhaps some greeting cards.

I must say, that I really enjoy Zoom classes, as you can work in your own space and spread out as you like. This class had 15 people in it and we all got plenty of attention from our instructor and got to share our work. It you haven’t Zoom’d, you don’t know what you are missing.

Happy Stitchin,