Floral Sketch (Daisy) embroidery design and MahJongg

After making the Ethnic Bird embroidery designs, I wanted to test out my larger hoop so I stitched out a Floral Sketch design (Daisy) by Hatched in Africa.  I didn’t want to use white fabric for my background so I started looking through my color boxes of fabric.  I found a piece of coral fabric  to use with navy thread.  I love how the embroidery stitched out with this color combination.  Well, now I needed a project for the floral embroidery design.  Can’t have embroidery designs laying around.  I have enough UFOs laying around. After Mary and I started playing the MahJongg game with some neighbors, she found some MahJongg fabric to buy online.  I made 4 zipper pouches to give away to friends.  I still had some MahJongg fabric leftover so I made a zipper bag for us to take to MahJongg games.  I used the floral embroidery for the front of the bag and added a zipper – the leftover MahJongg fabric was put on the back of the bag.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna

Kindle storage cases with Nepal fabric.

imageMy daughter in law visited her family in Nepal this fall.  She brought back some fabric from Nepal. I made 2 cases for Kindles using some of the fabric.  Since I was giving her a Kindle for Christmas, I decided to make her a fabric case to store her Kindle.  I had to make the pattern twice because the first case was too small for her Kindle. imageI added embellishments to the outside.  With the Nepal fabric, there were some scraps of fabric with embroidery (flowers and gold leaves). So I cut out the flowers and leaves that I wanted to use and top stitched them with black thread.  The 2 Kindle cases could also be used for small purses too.  There is also an inside pocket.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting. Donna

Another folded star potholder

imageLast month I made 2 folded star potholders – square shape.  I made those potholders larger so that I could use them as a trivet.  I wanted to try making the same pattern using a circle design and bias strip binding.  I used the same technique to make star shapes on the potholder.  It is important to have enough contrast between your 4 colors so that you can see the star design. Then I made a card stock template of a circle (about 7.5″ diameter).  I trace the shape on the potholder and then sewed on that line.  imageNext I put together the layers to quilt (backing, insul-brite, and star design).  I quilted through the star points and then trimmed the circle.  I made bias binding – 2″ wide strips.  After stitching the binding on one side, I hand-stitched the binding to the back of the potholder.  This is a great pattern for using fabric scraps from your stash.   Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna

Folded star potholders

image       I was looking on the internet for holiday gift ideas and found this tutorial to make a folded star potholder.  I decided to make my potholders square rather than round like the tutorial.  I also made mine a little larger so that I could use it as trivet on my counter for hot dishes and pots.  Using contrasting fabric is important so that you can see the folded star design.    image I had so much fun making the star design that I decided to make a second one for my college roommate from Australia that is visiting later this month.  I wanted to make her something small that would fit in her luggage.  I hope that she likes it.  It will be fun to see her – I haven’t seen her in about 22 years.      imageMary found a fabric print at a quilt show with the names of Australian cities which I used for the back of the potholder.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna

Sari dress fabric for a zippered pouch

image   My daughter in law from Nepal gave me a sari dress and some extra fabric with trim that coordinated with the sari dress.  I decided to use the extra fabric from the sari to make a birthday gift for my daughter in law.   Using quilt as you go technique, I pieced the front of the pouch using the embroidery trim as the focus fabric.  image I like to use black and white fabric with red so that’s what I used for the lining.  I stabilized the sari fabric with shape flex (fusible interfacing) before starting the project.  Mailed the gift and received a call that my daughter in law liked the birthday gift.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna

Row by Row license plate zippered pouch

imageAre you wondering what to do with all the license plates that you are collecting?  You can make a small zippered pouch to showcase the license plate.  A fun gift idea for your quilting friends!  I made a 9″ x 9″ pouch and also used some of the license plate fabric. image     You start with a 9″ x  20″ lining fabric and fusible fleece.  Or you can make smaller bags or larger bags.  After attaching the focus front bag fabric to the lining, you can quilt the fabric so you have one piece.  Cut 2 pieces from your large quilted strip. My pieces were 9″ x 9″.  Add your zipper and stitch the sides and bottom.  Super easy bag to make.  Have fun sewing and quilting.   Donna

In the Hoop embroidery project

image      I took an embroidery class on making a coaster (spool of thread) all in the hoop.  Kimberbell designs has lots of fun patterns for “in the hoop” projects. The front of the coaster uses “paper pieced”  quilting technique – pretty cool using the embroidery module of my sewing machine.  If you have a larger hoop, you can make a larger spool of thread coaster.  Mine was a coaster size.  It was a 3 hour class.     Mine is the purple spool. I was so excited about making the spool coaster that I made 3 more when I got home.   imageI made Mary  a coaster with teal fabric.   I took me about an hour and half to finish each one – after picking out fabric, thread, and cutting the fabric.  I think that the border looks better with a plain fabric.  This was my first “in the hoop” project.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna