New Year – A studio upgrade

One to the thing I love about visiting quilting friends studios, is that you get new ideas for organization, storage or layouts for your own studio.

big board ironingWe used to use a traditional ironing board, and then we saw that one of our friends purchased a Big board that slipped on over you existing ironing board.   We bought one and Donna made a new cover for it.   We really liked it.

Then we saw someone else, that had a sewing “big board” with storage built in.   Hmmmmm.    The space under our “big board is wasted space that we could certainly use more storage.

ironing board with shelvesSo, I got online and purchased 2 shelving units on wheels (because everything in a studio is better if it has locking wheels).   Now we have a “big board” ironing station with additions storage.

I think we all need as least one studio space upgrade in the new year and this is ours.

Happy Ironing,


New Sewing Machine cover

What to do on a COLD & cloudy winter day?


Answer:  Make a new sewing machine cover for my Bernina.

My old cover was not really big enough for my main machine so the old one  now covers my travel machine (in the background).

Happy Stitchin’



Scottie Fabric (close-up)

Ps.   Yes…. I did include some scottie fabric (from my scottie fabric stash) in this cover.


My quilting helper is visiting

imageI was practicing some new free motion quilting designs and my son’s dog wanted to check out what I was doing.  I stepped away from my sewing machine to do some ironing.  When I turned around, there was Messi spinning in my sewing chair.  He does like to jump up to see what is happening.  He is very curious. We have to keep Ranger’s stuffed dog toys in the closet so Messi doesn’t tear them apart.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna

Update to sewing room

image        Today I hung my sewing quilt – Sewing Addiction pattern.  I made the quilt a few years ago but didn’t have a wall high enough for this quilt.  In our last house there were half walls in the bonus room above our garage.  So excited to have my quilt hanging.  imageAlso took a break from unpacking to do some sewing this week. Yeh!  Keep having fun sewing and quilting. Donna

Setting up a new sewing room

image        Mary and I moved to a different house this week so that we could have our sewing room on the first floor.  Now we have a view of a canal with birds, geese, swans, and herons from our sewing room.  The movers came earlier this week.  I have posted pictures of our sewing room on day 1 (moving day) and day 2 (arranged the furniture and put fabric and project tubs on the shelving).  Still more sewing boxes to unpack and sewing machines to set up.  I did set up one sewing machine this morning – have to get back to sewing soon.  I am going through “sewing” withdrawal.  I have all these projects already started that need to be finished.        imageI think we will like our new sewing space.   Will keep you posted on our progress to get the room organized and set up.  image         Have fun sewing and quilting.  Donna

Getting organized for the new year

image          Mary and I have 2 closets in our sewing room.  The closets were out of control – it was hard to get the creative juices going when you couldn’t find what you needed.  So Mary and I bought more storage tubs and 2 shelving units.  We pulled everything out of the 2 closets and sorted through the stuff, threw away some stuff, and found some things we didn’t know that we had.  Then it was time to organize the stuff we wanted to keep.  It didn’t take as long as I thought it would.  Now we can find supplies and fabric that we want to use in new projects. Yeh!!!  I took  before and after pictures of one of the closets.  It feel great to be more organized – now to get started on all the new projects that are floating around in my brain.  We even have some empty tubs just waiting for new projects. Get creative.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna      image

New ironing board cover

DSCN8483             I wanted to make a new ironing board cover because the gray cover was getting tired looking.  I found a pattern for different sewing room organizers which had a pattern for an ironing board cover.  I have lots of sewing novelty fabric and found some cute fabric to use.  It was a fairly quick project to complete.  Just needed some single folded bias tape and elastic.  The ironing board looks great – makes me want to iron.  Have fun sewing and creating.  Donna   DSCN8484