Quilts of Valor

I picked up 2 kits of finished blocks to use to complete Quilts of Valor that needed piecing and quilting. The first quilt kit had the same size blocks (about 12″ squares). I checked the size of all the blocks and trimmed or added fabric so that all the blocks were the same size. The second quilt kit had blocks in 3 different sizes (from 9″ to 12″) and white fabric to complete the quilt top. The blocks were stitched together in columns using the same size blocks and the white fabric. I really liked the design of this white quilt and plan to use the pattern again in the future. Ranger liked it too. Both quilts were quilted using a free motion design. I have turned in both quilts to our Quilts of Valor coordinator for Eastern North Carolina. Keep having fun quilting and sewing. Donna

Baby quilts

I am trying to use the children fabric in my stash. I have been making baby quilts in the past year for friends of my oldest son. Recently I found some Mickey Mouse and friends fabric and some polka dot fabric in three colors (red/blue/yellow) to make a kids quilt. I just pieced together 7″ squares to create the quilt that was 42″ x 60″. I used another Mickey Mouse polka dot fabric for the backing. I took a Zoom class from Marge Tucker (Quilting with the Walking Foot) and quilted this baby quilt during the class with some of the quilting techniques from the Zoom class. I donated this quilt to a group in our quilt guild that makes quilts for kids.

For the second baby quilt, I used ocean theme fabrics. For the backing, I made large flying geese squares and a large print fish fabric. I made squares using an “hourglass” pattern with assorted ocean theme fabrics and white fabric. This quilt is going to a new mom who is having a baby boy in September. There is some sailboat and pirate fabric in this quilt. It should be a fun quilt for a baby boy. Keep having fun sewing and quilting. Donna

Milk Jug pattern by Laundry Basket quilts

Last year I ordered a couple of appliqué patterns from Laundry Basket quilts. The milk jug with the fall leaves and apples pattern would look good in our dining room area. I chose a grey fabric for the milk jug since our kitchen/dining area is mostly white and black. I also used a white fabric with grey leaves for the background. I cut out a few different shades of green before I found the shade that I liked best. I added a couple more leaves to the pattern for more interest. I really liked the little bird on the milk jug. The finished wall hanging is about 18″ x 32″ and will fit on one of the walls in the dining room. Keep having fun sewing and quilting. Donna

The Advocacy Project – Sister Artists 2 (Kenya)

A member of my guild works with The Advocacy Project.  Check out their website to learn more about the project – Sister Artists 2 – Kenya. (https://www.advocacynet.org/kenya-sister-artists/) The project is a follow-up to Sister Artists 1, which connected art quilters in the Global North with women fiber artists in Mali. This new initiative seeks to build a similar partnership between art quilters and forty-one women who live in two under-served neighborhoods of Nairobi, Kibera and Kangemi.

I picked the elephant embroidery block for my art quilt which will be in an auction. All profits will be invested in income-generating projects designed by the artists in Kenya and managed by two partner organizations in Kenya.

I wanted to make a landscape quilt so I looked online at landscape photos of Kenya.  I decided to use Menengai Crater as the background for my quilt.  I cut fused strips of fabric to use for the land.  I added a single piece of fabric for the crater which was fused and then I used Angelina fibers for the snow.  For the sky, I used some left over hand dyed fabric from a kit by Frieda Anderson.  I had fun making the trees with fused fabric.  I quilted the background (land, crater, and sky) before I added the elephant embroidery and the trees.  It was a fun project to work on. 

Have fun sewing and quilting.  Donna

Scottie Quilt

While I was going through my doggie/scottie fabric stash (because the box does not close), I came across a scottie layer cake. I figured it was about time I do something with it.

Our scottie Ranger, does not really anymore throws, so I decided to make up the layer cake and donate it to Scottie Rescue so they can auction it off.

It turned out a bit busier than I like (I’m not a scrappy girl), but I still like it and I ‘m sure some scottie dog owner will love it.

Happy Stitchin,


Blue Wren painted quilt block

I saw a youtube video by Helen Godden on painting a bird using Lumiere fabric paints.  I had some of these fabric paints so decided to give it a try.

I traced the blue wren design which you can download from the youtube video site – HQ Live – July 2019 – Blue Wren Painting (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7Mu_LCBtKQ&t=2729s).  She shows you how to trace her design on black fabric.  I just used Kona black fabric – no pre-washing needed.  Her directions are great.  She demonstrates the painting techniques that she uses.  After painting and waiting 24 hours, you heat set the design with an iron.

Next step is the free motion quilting using black thread.  Since Helen is a HQ ambassador, she demonstrates the quilting on her Sweet Sixteen machine.  I used my domestic machine – easy to do since the block was only about 9″ square.  She demonstrates different quilting motifs for the different parts of the quilt block.  I really liked the flying geese design that she did for the bird’s tail.  Since my block was smaller than her 14″ block, I did modify some of the quilting stitches.  I tried to use the square paisley design that I really liked but I just couldn’t get the design to look like hers.  So I did a bamboo design that I had learned from Leah Day’s website.

I had so much fun painting and quilting this bird block that I decided to get Helen’s BOM called Feathered Friends.  This BOM is from last year but was still available on her website (helengodden.com) with all the designs, painting videos and quilting videos. Of course I had to buy more paint since I only had the mini- bottles of some of the colors.   I have just completed painting 2 more blocks (14″ size) – Zebra Finches and Red Headed Woodpecker.  Once the quilting is done on these  2 blocks, I will write a post.

Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna

Sidetracked by a pottery project – Garden Totem

I recently took a Garden Totem pottery class at our local Art Center.   This was my 1st attempt at molding clay.

My clay Fish

Some of my pieces, before I painted them with glaze and the final firing.


It was a 5 week class and we created lots of clay pieces that we would eventually stack into a garden totem.






After we molded/created our individual pieces, they were fired in a kiln and then we painted glazes on them and they were fired again.




Here is the finished project.

Of course I had to put a scottie in my totem.

My crazy bird.


I added some copper wiring  and some copper tubing to better space out my pottery pieces.   I really like the way the light catches on the copper.



Everyone’s totem was unique.

It was a really fun project and it adds a bit of whimsy to our garden.

Happy creating,



Sidetracked by painting project

I got sidetracked by a painting project earlier this week.  I had a can that a retired teacher friend painted for me about 8 years.  Needless to say – after the can had been outdoors for that time, the paint design had peeled.  My friend had painted the can white and then added flowers.  I decided not to paint the can white so that I could better cover the previous design.  So I painted the lid dark blue and the can light blue.  Of course I used acrylic paints that I had on hand so that limited my color choices.  After several base coats, I was ready to paint a new flower design.  When my design was complete, I sprayed a clear enamel paint to preserve the design since it took a few days to complete the design.  Now the new paint can design looks really cute on our back patio.  Have fun sewing and quilting and fun with other creative projects too.   Donna    

Acrylic Painting class #2 – painting

imageWeek #2: This week I transferred my buoys photo to newsprint using a grid system.  I placed my photo in a plastic sleeve that had one inch grid lines.  Then I placed a newsprint grid (with the same number of grid squares as the smaller photo grid) under the blank newsprint (16″ x 20″).  Using a pencil I sketched out the buoys onto the newsprint.  Using a 6b pencil, I traced the same design on the back side of my newsprint (I taped the newsprint to a window so I could see the design to trace it.).  Usually the next step would be to put the design on the canvas.  But since I had some sky in the background of the my photo, the instructor thought it would be better to paint the background first and then place the pencil design over the painted sky.     imageIt took some time to mix the paint to get the right shades of blue for the sky background.  My instructor let me use one of her wide brushes which helped to paint the background.  At home I added the pencil line design to the blue sky canvas.  I didn’t take a picture since it is hard to see the pencil lines on the sky blue background.  So now I am ready for my next class.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna

Back from a wedding in NYC

DSCN9014     We took a break from our quilting projects this month since we have been busy helping with the preparations for my youngest son’s wedding in NYC last weekend.  DSCN9030We had great weather for the garden wedding.  The wedding day was busy since we had the rehearsal on the same day.  But the garden was a beautiful setting for the wedding and pictures.  DSCN8896The best part of the wedding was seeing my son and his new wife so happy.  It was great to have family there to help celebrate the day and we met lots of their friends and some of the bride’s family too.  My son’s dog was there for the ceremony and a few pictures afterwards. We also had a cocktail hour outside on one of the patios.  There was even a peacock wandering on the grounds.  Have a great day.  Donna