Sidetracked by a pottery project – Garden Totem

I recently took a Garden Totem pottery class at our local Art Center.   This was my 1st attempt at molding clay.

My clay Fish

Some of my pieces, before I painted them with glaze and the final firing.


It was a 5 week class and we created lots of clay pieces that we would eventually stack into a garden totem.






After we molded/created our individual pieces, they were fired in a kiln and then we painted glazes on them and they were fired again.




Here is the finished project.

Of course I had to put a scottie in my totem.

My crazy bird.


I added some copper wiring  and some copper tubing to better space out my pottery pieces.   I really like the way the light catches on the copper.



Everyone’s totem was unique.

It was a really fun project and it adds a bit of whimsy to our garden.

Happy creating,



Sidetracked by painting project

I got sidetracked by a painting project earlier this week.  I had a can that a retired teacher friend painted for me about 8 years.  Needless to say – after the can had been outdoors for that time, the paint design had peeled.  My friend had painted the can white and then added flowers.  I decided not to paint the can white so that I could better cover the previous design.  So I painted the lid dark blue and the can light blue.  Of course I used acrylic paints that I had on hand so that limited my color choices.  After several base coats, I was ready to paint a new flower design.  When my design was complete, I sprayed a clear enamel paint to preserve the design since it took a few days to complete the design.  Now the new paint can design looks really cute on our back patio.  Have fun sewing and quilting and fun with other creative projects too.   Donna    

New Sewing Machine cover

What to do on a COLD & cloudy winter day?


Answer:  Make a new sewing machine cover for my Bernina.

My old cover was not really big enough for my main machine so the old one  now covers my travel machine (in the background).

Happy Stitchin’



Scottie Fabric (close-up)

Ps.   Yes…. I did include some scottie fabric (from my scottie fabric stash) in this cover.


January Scottie Block

Our Modern Quilt Guild had a calendar block challenge where you designed and make monthly calendar blocks.

I designed and made 12 calendar blocks but did not put them together.   Yes, sadly my calendar blocks, inspired by our scottie, Ranger, had turned into a UFO.

I did not want to them all together in a quilt (as I didn’t really winter-scottie-block-2need a scottie calendar quilt hanging) so I needed another idea.

I love the blocks and decided to finished them each off with a ribbon  border/binding and the put one up in our sewing room each month.

I covered stretcher frames (or you could us an art canvas) with burlap and then I put (non-sew) velcro on the burlap and on the block.   winter-scottie-block1

Now I can interchange them every month and they are sweetly displayed above our cutting table.   This block is one of my favorites.

Happy Stitchin’


My quilting helper is visiting

imageI was practicing some new free motion quilting designs and my son’s dog wanted to check out what I was doing.  I stepped away from my sewing machine to do some ironing.  When I turned around, there was Messi spinning in my sewing chair.  He does like to jump up to see what is happening.  He is very curious. We have to keep Ranger’s stuffed dog toys in the closet so Messi doesn’t tear them apart.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna

“Quilt as you Go” calendar squares – UFO

I still had 6 calendar quilted squares from a previous challenge at our Modern Quilting guild that needed to be put into a quilt.  I had already put the 3 summer calendar blocks in a small wall hanging imagewith two Row by Row patterns.  And I also put the 3 fall calendar blocks in a small wall hanging with two Row by Row patterns.  imageNow it was time to do something with the winter and spring calendar blocks. I also used Quilt As You Go technique to put these wall hangings together.

So I took the 3 winter calendar blocks and put them together using Quilt As You Go technique (Leah Day’s you tube video).  I did make a change to the fabric strip for the back the quilt squares.  Leah uses 1.5″ strips but I like to have a little wider strip on the back so I use 1.75″ strip on the back when attaching the quilted calendar blocks.  image imageAfter putting the winter and spring calendar blocks together, I used yarn to make a binding.  I used 3 strands of yarn on the back and 3 strands of yarn on the front using a herringbone stitch.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Another UFO project done. Donna

Acrylic Painting class #2 – painting

imageWeek #2: This week I transferred my buoys photo to newsprint using a grid system.  I placed my photo in a plastic sleeve that had one inch grid lines.  Then I placed a newsprint grid (with the same number of grid squares as the smaller photo grid) under the blank newsprint (16″ x 20″).  Using a pencil I sketched out the buoys onto the newsprint.  Using a 6b pencil, I traced the same design on the back side of my newsprint (I taped the newsprint to a window so I could see the design to trace it.).  Usually the next step would be to put the design on the canvas.  But since I had some sky in the background of the my photo, the instructor thought it would be better to paint the background first and then place the pencil design over the painted sky.     imageIt took some time to mix the paint to get the right shades of blue for the sky background.  My instructor let me use one of her wide brushes which helped to paint the background.  At home I added the pencil line design to the blue sky canvas.  I didn’t take a picture since it is hard to see the pencil lines on the sky blue background.  So now I am ready for my next class.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna