Spring Fever & a Porch makeover

I don’t know about you but I am soooooooo…. ready for Spring.

So today, I decided to freshen up our porch.   I pulled out some fabric that I recently found at Mill Outlet and started making some new pillow covers.

We have a wide porch and 4 chairs.  I’m not into matchy- matchy so I did not make all 4 pillows identical.

For the pillows on the left side I just switched out the pillow sleeve on the green pillows with the same fabric to make them a bit different from the right side.

Left side of porch

Right side of porch.

I also added a spring wreath and inserted some red berries for a pop of color and tie into the pillows.


Even our scottie statue got a makeover with a ribbon of the pillow fabric.

I can’t wait for it to be warm enough so we can purchase some flowers.

It felt good to complete a project.  Lately I feel like I have lots of new UFOs that are really close to completion but are not there yet.   I really need to stop starting new projects and get down to finishing up some of my existing projects.

Happy Stitchin,




UFO re-imagined into a Holiday pillow

I am a Scottie Dog junkie and during the Holiday season, I decorate our sunroom with all my scottie stuff.    We have an ottoman on the porch and I thought it needed a plaid quilted throw for it.   So, I pulled out our holiday fabric tub in search of inspiration.  What I found was one of Donna’s UFOs.   It had a white center, a green flange, and a red border.   The red border was already quilted.  Hummm…. this could be a nice pillow.

So I took Donna’s UFO (that she couldn’t remember what it was supposed to be) and created a new holiday pillow for our Scottie sunroom.   I suspect that it was a sample for a class she taught in making a flange.

I quilted the white area, appliquéd a plaid Scottie on it, and turned it into a pillow.

Earlier this year, Donna took one of my UFO (a Hawaiian appliqué) and deconstructed it and put it into an Art Quilt).  Now I’ve finished one of her UFOs.   I guess we’re even now.


This got me thinking, perhaps we should do a UFO challenge and give our fellow quilters one of our UFOs and let them do whatever they want to with the UFO to re-imagine it into something new and wonderful.

Happy Stitchin’



One more Fabric Bowl

I also made a fabric bowl (to help test Donna’s class instructions) and I decided to make a Fall (with a twist) bowl.   Fall leaves were appliquéd on and then I punched the color with turquoise (not your typical fall color but it did look good with the leaves).

Mary’s Fabric Bowl


Side view











It’s always fun to play with color and I love the unexpected color.

Happy Stitchin,


Two more landscape fabric bowls

I just finished making two fabric art bowls using Pellon double sided Peltex.  I have now made 6 fabric bowls.  If you would like more information about the other fabric bowls, check out a previous post – 12/4/2015: 3-D art quilt fabric bowl.  The bowls are fun to make using fabric scraps from your stash and fusible web.  The tricky part is to design the circle quilt while it is flat and then make 5 cuts to create the sides of the bowl.  You have to plan ahead to mark your fabric cuts so that you don’t cut the parts of your design that are important.  In the Sea Life bowl I wanted to make sure that I didn’t cut through the turtles but I didn’t really care about the coral or orange fish. Oops! A fish lost half of its body in the construction.  I still need to add some eyes to the fish and turtles using a fabric marker.  So much fun.

Design on flat surface before making the bowl.

I decided to make another more abstract landscape bowl.  I cut wedges of fabric to use for the background – sky, water, and woods.  Then I added trees and grasses. I really like this art bowl.

Finished bowl

Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna

The Blue Hen

On our way up to NY for our Sue Benner workshop, we stopped in Newark, Delaware and checked out the Blue Hen Quilt Shop.

Now don’t tell me that you do not stop at quilt shops on road trips whenever possible, because I know you do!   As quilters, we can’t resist buying more fabric (even when your car is full of fabric for a workshop).

The Blue Hen was a wonderful shop but what really caught my eye was the chairs at the front of the shop.

Every wonder what to do with orphan quilt blocks?   Well, here’s your answer.


What a great idea!


Happy Stitchin,


Ethnic Birds embroidery designs

I just got my machine back from being serviced and wanted to try out some embroidery designs.  I started stitching out Ethnic Bird designs from Hatched in Africa when I decided the birds needed to go in a project.  I wanted to update my sewing machine cover and add fabric at the sides of the cover too. I used the old machine cover to cut out pieces for the side ends of the cover.  I used 7 bird embroidery designs to make the sewing cover.  I added green and black strips around the birds to coordinate with the pieces from the old machine cover. I also did some decorative machine stitching with green thread on the sewing machine cover.  It was a quick project and now I have some fun birds on my sewing machine cover.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting. Donna

Window Dressing

Sometimes it is fun to work on small home decor projects.


Our kitchen window was lacking a window dressing and even though we had blinds, I felt that it really needed something.

So I pulled together some neutral fabrics (2 prints and one solid).

I cut five 20 1/2″ squares of the solid and three of one print and two of the other.   Right sides together (one print and one solid), I stitched 1/4″ around the entire square.   I then cut a X on the solid and pulled the inside to the outside.

Basically I made 5 napkins.

I draped the 5 napkins over a curtain rod and made sure the back side (the solid) hung down longer than the print.   That way it looks like there are more layers than there really is.


It was a really easy project and now I can make more napkins to change out seasonally.   Can’t you just picture Christmas napkins hanging?

Super simple.

Happy Stitchin’