Mary’s fabric wreath

In February, Mary made a fabric wreath for our front door.  She cut scraps of white and cream fabrics to attach to the wire wreath.  It used a lot of fabric to make the wreath.  Then she added a few hearts to the wreath to decorate for Valentine’s Day.  She decorated the wreath with green shamrocks in March and a bunch of carrots in April for Easter (bunnies, of course).  We do have bunnies in our neighborhood who like to eat up our flowers. I was inspired by the fabric flowers in the book “Sew Wild.” So  I cut out some flowers from a fabric print and used fusible web to attach the flowers to purple felt.  Using free motion quilting, I added petals to the flowers.  Then Mary attached the flowers to the wreath for May.  Who knows what will appear on the wreath in June?

Keep having fun sewing and quilting.    Donna and Mary

More fun embroidery projects using tea towels

I did take a break from embroidery last week.  I worked on 3 baby quilts to donate. They are quilted but I haven’t put on the bindings so no pictures yet.

This week I started working with tea towels and kitchen embroidery designs.  I found 3 striped towels in my embroidery supplies drawer to practice placement of the embroidery designs on towels.  Then I ordered more towels to embroider for a house warming gift.

I used “Bluework Kitchen” designs from Hatched in Africa embroidery designs.  These designs are really cute and only use one color.  Most of the designs stitch out in less than 10 minutes.  Awesome.

The first towel had red stripes so I used red thread for the stitching.  Since I didn’t place it exactly where I thought it should be, I added red rick rack trim to the bottom.

The last 2 towels had green and teal stripes so I used teal thread. I matched the same color of thread in the bobbin.  I also used a wash away stabilizer (AquaMesh).  I haven’t washed out the stabilizer yet.

I can’t wait to stitch out the other 7 towel designs.  So much fun and they stitch out so quickly.

Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna

Another pre-Hurricane Florence embroidery project

I have bought some quilting books over the summer since I wasn’t able to get out during my chemo treatments.  I have also been watching quilting and sewing shows on tv and online.  I watched an episode of Sewing with Nancy about using your embroidery module to make quilted squares.  So I bought the book which also came with a dvd – Quilt with an Embroidery Machine by Nancy Zieman and Eileen Roche.  I really liked one of the quilt designs – flowers on a solid gray background.  I decided to change the background color to green and make the flowers bright colors for spring.  I made four 8″ quilted squares which I joined together so that I could use it on an end table in the living room. I used a fabric scrap for the background – really bright flowers.

First try with the purple fabric flower. You can’t see any of the stitching on the purple and white print fabric.

Second try – now you can see the black stitching.

The technique to add the flowers was different than what I have done in the past.  For each square: the background, batting, and backing is quilted before adding the flowers.  I chose to add the backing at the end so only quilted 2 layers.  Then the flowers are added one layer at a time and the layers are trimmed at the end which is a different technique.  The pink flowers has 4 layers and the orange flower has 3 layers.  At first I chose a different purple and white fabric which I liked instead of the orange fabric. But you couldn’t see the embroidery/quilting stitches on that fabric. So I started again with the orange fabric. I used black thread for the entire project.  I used a yarn binding for the edges.

This project was fun. Keep having fun sewing and quilting. Donna



Pre-Hurricane Florence embroidery and evaluation

I had my embroidery module set up so I decided to do a couple of projects.  I have made coasters from KimberBell designs in the past so I decided to make some coasters for the fall. The directions are well written and easy to follow. Of course I did have to use the seam ripper a couple of times because I wasn’t really paying attention to the next step. These coasters are paper pieced and the project is completed in the embroidery hoop.  Mary suggested that I make green apples for the coasters so I found scraps of 7 different colors for the apples.  It does takes some time to make these coasters because you have to keep trimming the fabric before adding the next piece.  But I think that they look cute and it was time to put away the watermelon coasters. Fall is coming soon.

Last week we decided to evacuate out of the Wilmington area because hurricane Florence looked like it was coming into the coast at a category 4.  Two years ago we stayed for hurricane Matthew which was a category 1 and that was scary.  So we are staying with our youngest brother who lives about 2 hours west of Wilmington.  His daughter is away at college so he had an extra bedroom.  Now we are at day 6 at our brother’s house.  At least we saw the sun today.  Not sure when we can go back home because the roads are flooded that we need to take to get home.  Hopefully we will not have more rain this week and roads will dry up.  A couple of friends in our neighborhood have had water damage in their homes.  Not sure what we will find when we get back.  But we are safe and dry. Also have power. Our dog Ranger seems happy to explore a new place.

Hope you are safe.  Looking forward to getting back to quilting and sewing.  Keeping my fingers crossed.


“Jelly Roll” Rug

Jelly roll rugs are over the net with lots of pics (see   One of our Quilt Bee members showed one that she made at last months show-and-tell and we all jumped on the bandwagon.  So we all prep’d our fabric, batting, and fabric tubes and worked on our rugs at this months meeting.

Fabric tubes with batting in them.

Donna and I decided to only make one so we divided up the the task and worked on it together.

We made our owe fabric strips (instead of purchasing a jelly roll) so it would match the colors in our guest room.   It uses batting inside the tubes (instead of clothes line).   There are loads of tutorial videos that shows how to make one (Gotta love youtube).  It was easy to make and I like how it turned out.

Here is our finished rug.

Ranger approved.

Happy Stitchin’

Mary & Donna

Upcycled thrift shop napkins with embroidery

I bought these napkins at a thrift store so that I could practice using some embroidery designs.  Since I had my embroidery module attached to my sewing machine after making the watermelon coasters,  I decided to find something else to embroider.  I found some fall leaves embroidery designs from Hatched in Africa ( called Autumn’s Little Things Appliqué.  I put a different colored leaf in each corner.  For a stabilizer, I planned to use AquaMesh since this stabilizer would wash away.  But unfortunately I had some scraps of PolyMesh from my last project (watermelon coasters) on my sewing table and I accidentally used some PolyMesh on the napkins instead of Aquamesh. It is very hard to tell the difference between AquaMesh and PolyMesh. It took me a while to figure out why some of the stabilizer was not washing away with water.  So it took me longer to finish this project because I had to remove the PolyMesh and start over with the AquaMesh.  Lesson learned – pay more attention to what stabilizer I am using.  I added a decorative stitch (#603) on my machine around the edges to add more interest to the napkins.  I put my embroidery module away to work on other sewing projects. My home decor project took longer than I had anticipated but I got it done. Keep having fun sewing and quilting. Donna

Happy 4th of July – Red, White, and Blue Bandana Flag Wreath

Happy 4th of July!  I was looking on Pinterest a few weeks ago and saw a bandana 4th of July wreath. (Here is the link for the directions to make this flag wreath:  Before I looked at the directions for the wreath I bought 6 bandanas (2 each of white, blue, and red).  Last week I looked at the directions and saw that I needed 6 bandanas of each color.  No problem. I had a box of red, white, and blue fabric scraps that I use for Quilts of Valor.  So I cut up scraps of fabric to match the size of the cut pieces of the bandana.  I used an 18″ wire wreath frame that we had and spent the morning tying fabric knots on the wire frame.  It was an easy project to do.  I really like how the wreath looks on the front door.  Mary added the ribbon and flag to the Scottie statue by the door.  Keep having fun  sewing and quilting. Donna