Ethnic Birds embroidery designs

I just got my machine back from being serviced and wanted to try out some embroidery designs.  I started stitching out Ethnic Bird designs from Hatched in Africa when I decided the birds needed to go in a project.  I wanted to update my sewing machine cover and add fabric at the sides of the cover too. I used the old machine cover to cut out pieces for the side ends of the cover.  I used 7 bird embroidery designs to make the sewing cover.  I added green and black strips around the birds to coordinate with the pieces from the old machine cover. I also did some decorative machine stitching with green thread on the sewing machine cover.  It was a quick project and now I have some fun birds on my sewing machine cover.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting. Donna


Window Dressing

Sometimes it is fun to work on small home decor projects.


Our kitchen window was lacking a window dressing and even though we had blinds, I felt that it really needed something.

So I pulled together some neutral fabrics (2 prints and one solid).

I cut five 20 1/2″ squares of the solid and three of one print and two of the other.   Right sides together (one print and one solid), I stitched 1/4″ around the entire square.   I then cut a X on the solid and pulled the inside to the outside.

Basically I made 5 napkins.

I draped the 5 napkins over a curtain rod and made sure the back side (the solid) hung down longer than the print.   That way it looks like there are more layers than there really is.


It was a really easy project and now I can make more napkins to change out seasonally.   Can’t you just picture Christmas napkins hanging?

Super simple.

Happy Stitchin’


Red, White and Blue decorating

We had company this past Memorial weekend and after seeing some decorating one of our quilter friends did for her Easter company, Donna and I decided that we needed to kick-it-up a notch for our Memorial Day company.

So, we pulled out all of our Red-White-Blue table runners and toppers to add some punch.   This is our sunroom table with one of Donna’s table toppers on it.

After decorating the LR, DR, and sunroom, we noticed that we did not have a small table runner for our kitchen bar area.   So…. I decided to whip one up.   I pulled out or R-W-B fabric container and found some pineapple blocks that Donna had made when she was teaching a class on the pineapple block.




I added some sashing and a border to pull 3 of them together and had a quick table runner.

We like to make dual sided table runners/toppers so we can get extra usage out of them, to I used some umbrella fabric and ship fabric from our stash) to make the reversed side of the table runner and then did some straight lined quilting through all the layers (RWB – batting – umbrella/ship).


The key to making a dual sided table runners is to make sure that the binding fabric will look good on both sides.

It was a quick and fun project and I really like both sides of this table/counter runner.  We’re also ready for the 4th of July!

Happy Stitch’n,





Star embroidery designs

Mary is going to make a red/white/and blue table topper.  She found a star design for me to embroider so that she can incorporate the star embroidery in her table topper design.  I tried to enlarge the embroidery but it did not stitch out very well so I went back to the original size.  (See photo with the outline of stars in red only – the satin stitch did not look good).  I stitched out 4 star designs for the table topper.                        Stay tuned to see what Mary will design for her table topper.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna

Gingerbread wall hanging


While we were decorating for the holidays, we decided that we needed a small wall hanging to go above our buffet.   We have gingerbread decorations on the buffet so it made sense that we needed a gingerbread house wall hanging.

While I going through our holiday fabric tub, I found this panel (who knows when we bought it).

Unfortunately I thought it was a bit too busy and I wasn’t really fond of the dark border.


gingerbread-house-newSo…. I decided to fuse the whole thing and then cut out the parts that I wanted.

I created a new background and fused the gingerbread house and trees to my new (less busy background) and added a new border.

gingerbread-housecu-of-scottieI used some shine (tinsel like) thread to add a bit of bling/shimmer with the light hits it.

I also added  a little scottie (everything is better with a little scottie).   For the scottie, I fussy cut it  from some other scottie fabric and then I also fussy cut the scottie sweater from another piece of fabric.   I then fused them together onto the snow.

I used scraps of wool batting from another project and as a result it came out real puffy when I quilted it.   I don’t think I’d do that again.   I much prefer the cotton batting.   The puffy batting kinda works for the gingerbread house, but I don’t really care for it in the sky.

It was a fun little holiday decor piece to work on and it now hangs over our dining room buffet and finishes off the gingerbread holiday decor there.

Happy Stitch’n and Happy Holiday,


Merry Christmas from Santa

image     When we were looking through our box of Christmas fabric, Mary found this pattern.  I decided to make the Santa since we had an empty space on the wall next to the front door.  I did make a few modifications to the pattern.  The pattern called for 1 & 7/8″ squares to construct the Santa.  I don’t like working with small fractions so I cut 2″ squares for the wall hanging. I wanted to use brighter colors for the Santa, so I used white and tan for the trim on the hat by his face.  imageI used fabric pastels to color his cheeks.  I used only 2 buttons on each boot.  I used white poly fil for the beard and top of the hat.  I made a felt circle for the top of the hat and then added the poly fil.  Love my hot glue gun.  Instead of button eyes, I glued on eyes. image I also found a pair of eyeglasses at the dollar store to use for Santa’s glasses.  Friends at my cyberbee quilting group suggested that I make 2 buttonholes on the face to use to attach the eyeglasses to the face. Worked great.  Santa is now hanging next to the front door by our Christmas tree.  It was a fun project.  Santa is about 39″ tall.  Enjoy the holidays with your family and friends.  Donna

Another folded star potholder

imageLast month I made 2 folded star potholders – square shape.  I made those potholders larger so that I could use them as a trivet.  I wanted to try making the same pattern using a circle design and bias strip binding.  I used the same technique to make star shapes on the potholder.  It is important to have enough contrast between your 4 colors so that you can see the star design. Then I made a card stock template of a circle (about 7.5″ diameter).  I trace the shape on the potholder and then sewed on that line.  imageNext I put together the layers to quilt (backing, insul-brite, and star design).  I quilted through the star points and then trimmed the circle.  I made bias binding – 2″ wide strips.  After stitching the binding on one side, I hand-stitched the binding to the back of the potholder.  This is a great pattern for using fabric scraps from your stash.   Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna