Project inspired by the work of Jane Sassaman – part 1

Unwashed quilt square

Our art group has started working on wall hangings based on the work of  Jane Sassaman – Abstracting from Nature.  We each chose a flower as our inspiration for the project.  Originally I chose the passion flower because it looked really cool in the flower book.  But I wasn’t really committed to the passion flower so I changed directions.  I like to do quilts related to places where I have traveled.  So I looked at my photos of Hawaiian flowers and leaves.  I decided to make different Hawaiian leaves and then add my Hawaiian appliqué quilt square to the piece.  I had a blue appliqué square and Mary had a green appliqué square – both were in our UFO boxes.  I decided to turn my blue Hawaiian appliqué into a pillow which I posted earlier in May.  So I took Mary’s UFO Hawaiian appliqué block to use. But first I had to finish it – I did not want to finish the appliqué by hand so I took out the stitching that Mary had already completed.  Then I used a blind hem stitch to attach the appliqué to the white background.  I drew a design on the appliqué which I free motion quilted with green thread.  I used echo quilting around the motif using white thread.

After washing

I decided to wash the quilt square before I de-constructed the square  and added it to my piece.  More on that process later.  I am getting excited about my piece. Not sure what the finished project will look like.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting. Donna

Colors of Nepal wall hanging

I made a narrow wall hanging using poppy flower embroidery designs and fabric from Nepal that my daughter in law brought back from Nepal.  I always think of the color “red” when I think of Nepal – probably because of the red wedding sari dress that my daughter in law wore for the wedding in Nepal.  I made a collage design using the embroidery flower designs, paper cards with leaves from Nepal, embroidery trims from sari dresses, and woven fabric from Nepal. It was easy to stitch the paper cards on to the quilt batting and backing (just used the straight stitch).  I used strips of  fabric from a sari dress and 2 different cotton fabric strips to weave fabric for one of the collage blocks.  It was very easy to weave the fabrics. I stitched embroidery trims from Nepal on the top and bottom of the wall hanging.  I fussy cut some flowers and leaves to stitch on the wall hanging. There was one square left so I added a bird to one side and then I used thread sketching to add more color to the bird.  I quilted in the ditch around all the blocks and then used free motion quilting for the rest of the wall hanging.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna

Star embroidery designs

Mary is going to make a red/white/and blue table topper.  She found a star design for me to embroider so that she can incorporate the star embroidery in her table topper design.  I tried to enlarge the embroidery but it did not stitch out very well so I went back to the original size.  (See photo with the outline of stars in red only – the satin stitch did not look good).  I stitched out 4 star designs for the table topper.                        Stay tuned to see what Mary will design for her table topper.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna

Pictures from Crystal Coast Quilt Show, Morehead City

Mary and I went with friends on a road trip to see the Crystal Coast quilt show last weekend.  We saw many beautiful quilts and were inspired to try some new ideas. Also got some ideas for quilt challenges. And of course there was some shopping involved too.  We also stopped at a couple of quilt shops on the way home.  It was a fun day for all.  We are already planning our next adventure.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  See a quilt show and be inspired.  Donna

More flower embroidery designs for a new project

    My embroidery module is put away for now but I did have fun using the embroidery machine for a couple of weeks. I decided to make a skinny wall hanging using some of the flower sketches (Hatched In Africa designs) for this piece.  My daughter in law brought us some fabric from Nepal on her last trip home so I decided to use some of this fabric too.  I used the poppy flower sketches to embroider on black fabric, white fabric and sari dress fabric.  I know what size wall hanging I want to make but I am still working on the design to incorporate the embroidery pieces and the fabric from Nepal.  Still waiting for my inspiration to complete this piece.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna

Celtic Zodiac Symbol quilt block

I decided not to make a wall hanging with my Celtic Zodiac quilt block (salmon) because I didn’t like the size of the block.  So I decided to make the block into a pillow.  I found a pillow form in the closet and trimmed the block to fit.  The pillow was an easy project to complete.  So another UFO project is done.  I actually made both pillows in one afternoon (Hawaiian appliqué and Celtic Zodiac design).  I like to make quilted projects related to some of our travels.  I made 2 wall hangings from the Cape Cod trip (lighthouse and sailboat),  a Hawaiian appliqué pillow from Hawaii, an elephant from Nepal, NYC skyline using Hoffman digital print, and a Celtic Zodiac block from Ireland.  I want to make a wall hanging of the Rialto bridge from our Venice trip. I have an idea for that project but haven’t started it yet.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna

Hawaiian Applique quilt square finally done!

    Mary and I took a class a few years ago at our local quilt guild on making a Hawaiian appliqué quilt block.  We cut out our designs and basted the designs to white fabric.  The appliqué is needle turned by hand – not my favorite technique but I do like the look of the Hawaiian appliqué blocks.  I completed about 60% of the appliqué in the first year and then put it in my UFO box.  Found the design again when I was cleaning up and organizing the sewing room.  So I finished the needle turned appliqué and then used free motion quilting on my machine to complete the square.  I drew a quilting design on the blue appliqué design with a white marking pen.  The markings really helped me with the free motion quilting.  I used a walking foot to add echo – quilting lines in the white fabric.  I decided to make a pillow for our back porch with the quilt square.  When I decided to make an art quilt with Hawaiian leaves, Mary suggested using a Hawaiian appliqué block in the project.  She has a green Hawaiian appliqué square that I am going to finish quilting and then deconstruct the block for another art quilt project.  It feels good to complete another UFO. Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna