Little Onions – a wall hanging

We have not been real active posting on our blog lately. Sorry about that, but we have been a bit busy. We sold our house and are currently in a small apartment until we can get into our new house.

Moving is a lot of work and you never really appreciate how much sewing stuff one has until you have to pack it up. We did move our sewing tables and machines into the apartment (in place of a dining table). We also packed up some projects to work on while we are in the apartment but the bulk of our stash is in storage so we are limited to the small stash that we included in our project boxes. I know, we could go out and buy more fabric, but we really don’t want to do that.

Little Onions

This is a small piece that I plan to attach it to a 10″x10″ canvas to hang in our new house (in the kitchen/dining area). The applique pattern was much bigger than I wanted so I just shrunk it down on our printer/copier. I also did some hand stitching to the onion for additional texture. I think it will be perfect in our new house.

Happy Stitchin,


One thought on “Little Onions – a wall hanging

  1. You always come up with such interesting subjects! Onions are just right for the kitchen – hope that they work out well!

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