Scottie Quilt

While I was going through my doggie/scottie fabric stash (because the box does not close), I came across a scottie layer cake. I figured it was about time I do something with it.

Our scottie Ranger, does not really anymore throws, so I decided to make up the layer cake and donate it to Scottie Rescue so they can auction it off.

It turned out a bit busier than I like (I’m not a scrappy girl), but I still like it and I ‘m sure some scottie dog owner will love it.

Happy Stitchin,


5 thoughts on “Scottie Quilt

  1. You;all are just fantastic – I am sure STCA rescue will be absolutely thrilled to raffle off your marvelous entity!! I, too have 25 years of Scotty fabric – including the ones you have used for the quilt – in my ‘stash’. So, if you ever need more fabric – just let me know! And, please continue quilting with Scotties. Humphrey & Sandy

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