Completed project from Fall Paducah class with Marina Landi

Tree printed on fabric

At the Fall Paducah AQS show 2019, I took a class by Marina Landi from Brazil – Landscape Fiber Collage: Create with Wool, Thread, and more. We started the class with a tree photo printed on fabric.  Then we played with lots of fiber to make the foliage for the tree.

My foliage looks like hair.

We made small circles with the fiber using a stick and then placed it on the tree – using misty fuse.  I think that I made my foliage too large for the size of the trunk.  It was just a 3 hour class so I just finished the foliage in the class.  We were suppose to add gray and black fibers for the ground but I thought it was too dark so I added green yarns and fibers for the ground. I also added some black stitching to the trunk to make it look larger.   I put a piece of black tulle over the piece and then did free motion quilting. I trimmed about 3 inches off on one side.  I added piping to the piece using techniques that I had learned from an online course with Philippa Naylor.  Now one of my projects from Fall Paducah is complete. Yeh.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna

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