Finished the last few blocks for Year of Hope Wallhanging

I finally finished all the blocks for the wall hanging.  Now I am working on the assembly of the quilt.

Healing Hands block: I was inspired by a pair of earrings that I bought near the Grand Canyon probably 10 years ago at a craft show of Native American crafts.  The earrings are called “Healing Hands”.  So I decide to make a circle of hands around a ring of flowers to represent all the people who have helped me on my journey. I made the flowers using color catchers which had been dyed in the laundry. Then I painted the flowers with fabric pastels. I used free motion quilting to make the hands.


Painted Sun block: This sun block was inspired by a card that I received.  I used hand dyed fabric for the base of the sun.  I added free motion quilting designs to the sun using the card for inspiration.  I free motion quilted the background with a stippling design.




Sisters block: The last block that I completed was for my sister, Mary.  She was a great caregiver for me during my cancer journey. Mary was awesome.  I was inspired by paper doll quilts that I saw on Pinterest.  Mary helped me “size down” the paper doll images so that I could make a template for the dolls that would fit on my block.  The paper dolls reminded me of our childhood – playing with paper doll cutouts.  I used fusible machine appliqué for the dolls and sisters’ flag.  I outlined the dolls with black thread and free motion quilting.  I used green burlap for the grass.


Old block

“Redo” of the Hope block: When I started working on the quilt layout, I needed to change the color of the Hope block from pink to teal.  I used fusible machine appliqué with the new Hope block.

My next post will show the completed wall hanging.  Can’t wait.

Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna

New block

7 thoughts on “Finished the last few blocks for Year of Hope Wallhanging

  1. You have certainly made some sweet and lovely lemonade out of the ‘lemon’ life handed you. What an awesome collection of beauty!

  2. I always love he work you all do. You not only sew well, but you both are very artistic. I hope all is well. Happy New Year!

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