Quilts for Hurricane victims in NC

Hurricane Florence Has Gone, but Challenges for the Carolinas Have Just Begun

We live in the Wilmington, NC area and have personally seen and have friends that were devastated by Hurricane Florence.   While it is no longer in the national news, people are still struggling in NC.    Housing is a huge issue.  More than 600,000 homes received some type of wind or water damage, and 2,600 commercial buildings were submerged in at least one foot of water.   Some families are living in small tents on their property.   American Red Cross said more than 200 people are still living in Red Cross shelters in the state.

More than 129,000 people have registered for individual assistance and more than $105 million in individual assistance has been approved for homeowners and renters.

Schools in Pender County were closed for 5 weeks.   Children who’s homes were destroyed lost everything (school supplies, clothing, toys, books, beds, and security).   “There are close to 900 kids who are sleeping in cars or sleeping in tents in their yards because the insurance checks haven’t come back yet.”

Many of the stories are heart wrenching while others are uplifting as they help restore your faith in humanity and in the kindness on others.   Neighbors helping neighbors.   This will be a long recovery and we feel blessed to have had little damage (personally).


Oct 31, 2018   “Six weeks ago, Hurricane Florence’s powerful storm surges, winds and rains brought unprecedented devastation to our state, causing an estimated $17 billion in damage,” Gov. Cooper said.   Compared to previous storms in North Carolina, damage from

Hurricane Florence is historic. Hurricane Matthew caused $4.8 billion in damages and when adjusted for inflation, Hurricane Floyd caused between $7 and $9.4 billion in damages, meaning that Florence has caused more damage than Matthew and Floyd combined.


I saw a post on From My Carolina Home website and just wanted to share it.

This is a wonderful idea and I hope it will be a huge success.

Mary & Donna


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