Pre-Hurricane Florence embroidery and evaluation

I had my embroidery module set up so I decided to do a couple of projects.  I have made coasters from KimberBell designs in the past so I decided to make some coasters for the fall. The directions are well written and easy to follow. Of course I did have to use the seam ripper a couple of times because I wasn’t really paying attention to the next step. These coasters are paper pieced and the project is completed in the embroidery hoop.  Mary suggested that I make green apples for the coasters so I found scraps of 7 different colors for the apples.  It does takes some time to make these coasters because you have to keep trimming the fabric before adding the next piece.  But I think that they look cute and it was time to put away the watermelon coasters. Fall is coming soon.

Last week we decided to evacuate out of the Wilmington area because hurricane Florence looked like it was coming into the coast at a category 4.  Two years ago we stayed for hurricane Matthew which was a category 1 and that was scary.  So we are staying with our youngest brother who lives about 2 hours west of Wilmington.  His daughter is away at college so he had an extra bedroom.  Now we are at day 6 at our brother’s house.  At least we saw the sun today.  Not sure when we can go back home because the roads are flooded that we need to take to get home.  Hopefully we will not have more rain this week and roads will dry up.  A couple of friends in our neighborhood have had water damage in their homes.  Not sure what we will find when we get back.  But we are safe and dry. Also have power. Our dog Ranger seems happy to explore a new place.

Hope you are safe.  Looking forward to getting back to quilting and sewing.  Keeping my fingers crossed.


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