“Snowdrops” art quilt inspired by Jane Sassamen

In my last post I showed picture of my “Snowdrops” wall hanging at our Quilt Guild’s Piecework exhibit.

My piece.

This started as a challenge that our little Art Quilt group took on.   I do love a challenge.

We all have soooooo…. many books of various well known quilters and decided that we would take one and use that quilt artist’s work as inspiration.   We picked Jane Sassaman.  (Love her work!)

She abstracts nature and uses bold colors.   So we all got out our sketchbooks and flower books and started sketching flowers.   We also gave ourselves a second challenge and that was that the quilt had to be in 3 pieces that we somehow connected.

My first piece was a dandelion.   After a few months of working on it, it became a UFO and I started over.   This time I picked an easier and simpler flower (the Snowdrop).

Drizzle stitch (close-up).

I played with swirls and dots and just had fun with it.  I played with decorative stitches to edge the appliqué pieces down.   Now, I did have a couple of challenges.   1)  how do you quilt all the dots?   I kinda got carried away with the dots and could not find a good decorative stitch that work well for small circles.   So… I ended up hand stitching them.

Hand stitched dots.

I also learned the drizzle stitch from one of our group and used it for the green twisty part (stamen) of the flowers.   Fun.

Close-up of binding and pet mesh backing.

For the binding, I used 3 rows of yarn (front and back) and a herringbone stitch to give a bit more texture.

My last big challenge was how to connect my 3 pieces.  Everything I tried did not seem stable enough (like the swivels).   Then I remembered a lecture by a Canadian quilter where she said she uses screening on the back to stabilize sectional quilts and your eye kinda just goes through it.   I didn’t want to use screening (worried about breaking needles), so I used pet screen.   That worked beautifully, gave yet another texture and was easy to machine stitch on.

I learned a lot with this piece AND it was great fun.   Our little Art Group is so inspirational and supportive.   We all shared connection ideas and all used different techniques.   Donna’s piece was her Hawaiian Leaves (which she already blogged about).   I was the last to finish (partly because I had to restart).

I do plan to get back to my dandelion and even have some new ideas on what I want to try.   Perhaps I’ll do some slicing and inserting.   I’ll post it when it is done (the UFO and the re-imaged finished piece).   I do have some other project in front of it so don’t hold your breath.

Happy Stitchin’


2 thoughts on ““Snowdrops” art quilt inspired by Jane Sassamen

  1. Gosh thT is exquisite! And I chose that word deliberately for the beautiful and delicate details and fine finish. And still with the bright cheerful feel that shows up in all the work both you and Donna do!

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