Gifts for my cancer care team

Since I have been feeling better during the second round of treatments, I have been able to do more sewing and quilting. Yeh!  I have a wonderful team of nurses that have been helping me throughout my cancer treatments.  I wanted to give them something when I complete my chemo treatments – hopefully at the end of August.  So I made travel tissue covers (free pattern on this website:  When I was teaching sewing to kids, our first project was the travel tissue covers.  Quick and easy and only uses 2 pieces of fabric scraps.  For my second gift I made little duffle bags.  These duffle bags come in 4 different sizes and I made the medium size.  The pattern is called “A Little Duffle Do It” by Karen West (  I think that these little duffle bags look so cute and you can use fabric scraps to make these too.  I like to use ribbons and zippers that add extra color to the bags.  I had fun picking out the outside fabrics and matching lining fabrics – I love using polka dots for the linings – a happy surprise.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting. Donna

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