Piecework Quilt and Fiber Art show

We live in the Wilmington, NC area and are members of our local quilt guild (Quilters by the Sea).   Last Fall, I volunteered to Chair the committee for our 2018 Quilt and Fiber Art Show (aka Piecework).    It is held at the Brooklyn Arts Center, a beautifully restored church & annex that host lots of events in downtown Wilmington.

 It was a much bigger project than I ever imagined and at times felt like a JOB (yikes….. I’m retired and don’t want a JOB).  As a result of this JOB and other family priorities, I have not had time/energy to focus on my quilting (with the exception of finishing off a piece for the show).      So, I thought I’d share some pics of the show which was held last month. 

Vendors below the quilts hanging in the Church.

Community Outreach quilts (Habitat for Humanity and Neo-Natal quilts)

Community Outreach quilts (QOV)

One of Donna’s pieces that was displayed on the fireplace mantel.

One of my pieces – ‘Snowdrops’.

More pics can be see on our Guild website.

Piecework 2018 Quilt & Fiber Art show is done and I’m happy to be back to quilting again.   The last pic is one of mine.  More about it in my next post.

Happy Stitchin,


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