Fire Island Hosta quilt top completed

I started working on the Fire Island Hosta quilt pattern (by Judy Neimeyer) last summer.  I made many sections of the quilt but had not started to put the sections together.  Last month I started to put the sections together. I watched some Youtube videos about putting together this quilt top.  After watching some videos, I started using a fabric glue stick to put together the curved sections. It was a lot easier to “ease” the fabric on the curves using the glue stick and less pins required.  I am amazed that all the sections went together – even matched the seams in the middle.  Next, I had to figure out the borders because I had bought the wrong size by mistake – I bought the 74″ square quilt pattern instead of a queen size pattern (94″ square).  So I needed to figure out more borders to make the quilt bigger.  First I added a narrow blue dot border (about 1″) then a scrappy border using leftover fabric from the quilt top.  The final border was a large print fabric but needed some cornerstones to add interest to the border.

First try at cornerstones

I looked for a 9″ paper pieced quilt square pattern online and found a pattern with points.  I made 4 blocks and was disappointed that they weren’t all the same size when I finished.  Also the finished quilt square reminded me of corn on the cob.  So I went in search of another pattern – this time a pieced pattern.

Final cornerstone for the borders

I am burnt out with paper piecing right now.  So I selected different scraps from the quilt and made 4 more cornerstone blocks.  I like the new cornerstones better.  I am glad that I decided to make new blocks.  After all the work that went into making this quilt, I needed to be happy with the borders too.

My grand-doggie decided to help me finish the quilt top. LOL

Once I piece a backing together, I will send it to my friend Sarah for long arm quilting. Keep having fun sewing and quilting. Donna

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