Iceland Landscape – completed!

Woohoo….. I finally finished my Iceland landscape that was started at an art quilt workshop (“Sewing the Land”, from Sue Benner) at the Hudson River Valley Art workshops in Greenville, NY.    My landscape inspiration was of a picture from a book that I bought during our August trip to Iceland .

Iceland Landscape inspiration picture

My 1st post about this piece can be found here.

It became a UFO because I was stuck on two things.

  1. Finding the right background fabric to mount it on.   I wanted to try to do a portrait type mounting where the top piece is completely finished and then attached to a background quilt that was also quilted.  So it’s a quilt mounted on a quilt.
  2. How to best make clouds to stream over the mountains (like in my inspiration picture).   Everyone in my class, including Sue Benner felt that I really needed to add the clouds.

I tried wool felting some clouds, but broke 3 needles.  So then I decided to just use sheers as that is really what this piece is all about (working with cotton fabric with sheer overlays).

So… here is my finished piece.

Iceland Landscape  (click on the image to see details)

I learned a lot working on this piece and found that for me, it’s not good to force completion of a piece.   When I’m stuck, I just set it aside, work on something else and hope that eventually I’ll get an inspired idea on how to best complete it.   Rushing to complete a project, just for the sake of completing it just doesn’t seem to work for me.

Well…. another UFO done and I’m really happy with how it turned out.

Happy Stitchin’



2 thoughts on “Iceland Landscape – completed!

  1. That is GORGEOUS! Love the contrast between the straight lines and other forms. Worth waiting for the right stuff!!

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