Donation for a Arts Center fundraiser

Our local Arts Center was having a fundraiser and were asking for raffle basket donations.   At one of fundraising event meetings, a couple of the ladies said they were going to donate a piece of their artwork (painting & stain glass).   So, I decide that I would donate a Fiber Art piece.

Anyway, I recently took a class with our quilt guild from Eileen Williams a NC Fiber Artist.   Her work is incredible.   We learned how to make small beachscapes and I figured that making one for the fundraiser would be perfect (since we live on the coast of NC).

I have great fun making it.  My piece included the following techniques:  piecing, couching yarn & cording & and other fibers, beading, wool felting and thread painting.   It had a lot of texture and color.   I just loved my piece.   Donna said she would donate one of her fabric bowls so my raffle item would have even more Fiber Art in it.     I thought that our entry was awesome and would surely impress.

I even made a little label/sign for our donation.

Close-up #1

Close-up #2 (notice the turtles)

Close-up #3

Foolish me, for trying to convince people that Fiber Art is a real art and not “craft”.    The watercolor painting and the stained glass piece were displayed as individual items on easels.    Our Fiber Art piece was in a basket and the raffle coordinator added a pair of dollar store flip flops,  sea shell soaps and some other beachy items.    (I guess our items were not sufficient).   The basket was all wrapped up in that clear wrap and tied on top.   You could barely see the my Wall Hanging or the detail work on it.   Donna’s fabric bowl was behind the other stuff in the basket and was barely visible.

Donna’s fabric bowl

I was so upset when I saw how it was displayed with the other baskets, all tied up in clear wrap with the pet stuff basket, chocolate basket, spa basket, etc.

One of the other ladies at the event said, “so you do craft stuff”.   I said, “I am a Fiber Artist” and then she stumbled a bit and said the she didn’t mean to imply that it was not art.

Well….. I don’t think I’ll be donating to “Art Groups” again.     I guess we still have a long way to go before Fiber Art is truly recognized as Art and not Craft.

The good news is that one of our friends won our basket and was beside herself with joy as she’s really wanted one of our pieces.   She is in our weekly Mahjong group and sees all of our fiber art hanging in our house when we play at our house.    I am so happy that it went to a good home where it will be appreciated and where we can visit it when we play at her house.

Happy Stitchin’


2 thoughts on “Donation for a Arts Center fundraiser

  1. Mary, I know how much work and creativity you and Donna put into your beautiful pieces. It is a travesty that the person heading up the raffle at the cultural arts center failed to recognize the spectacular fiber artwork. Truly the wrong person was selected for the job. It was definitely their loss. I’m so glad the art has gone to a good home.

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