Iceland Landscape from Sue Benner workshop


I decided to make an Iceland landscape at the art quilt workshop (“Sewing the Land”, from Sue Benner) at the Hudson River Valley Art workshops in Greenville, NY.    My landscape inspiration was of a picture from a book that I bought during our August trip to Iceland .

My piece was built on a quilting canvas and I fused strips of fabric for the sky and water.  


During one of my critiques from Sue, she mentioned that my colors were very primary and that I might want to tint it so it looks more like my inspiration picture.

Water tinted with grey sheers

So I added strips of sheers over the sky and water to adjust the tint of my sky & water.   It also gave a cool and a bit of a shimmer/icy effect that I really liked.






Then I made the mountains separately on release paper and fused them on my piece when I liked the shape and color.

After fusing the mountains, I collaged the foreground.

When we got home, I quilted my piece.

Straight line quilting seemed to make sense for the water and the sky since they were already made of horizontal strips.   I did some free motion on the mountains and foreground with invisible “smoke” thread.   It did not seem enough, so I did some additional free motion quilting in the mountains, with colored threads, to add shading/highlights.

For the binding, I tried Sue’s layered thread blended satin stitching.

Here is my inspiration (again) and my finished piece.


Finished size: 18.25″ x 15.25″























After I took my pictures for this post, I noticed that I forgot to add the clouds.  Oops.     So I laid some rough cut sheers on my piece so you can get the feel of what adding cloud might do.

With a slight indication of rough clouds

So, what do you think… should I add some clouds?

It was a great class and Sue Benner is an outstanding instructor.   We all got lots of individual attention/help.   I loved the critiques  and her handouts and lectures were excellent.  I would definitely take another class from her.

I’m looking forward to doing some more Iceland landscapes.

Happy Stitchin,





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