Completed Sea life quilt block using painted fusible web


With the painted fusible web on the background

I am getting close to finishing the SeaLife quilt collage.  I completed the fish block by adding painted fusible web to the background neutral fabric.  I found the painted fusible web technique in “Fabric Art Workshop” book by Susan Stein. This book has over 25 different techniques to explore.  The directions and pictures are easy to follow.  I painted pieces of fusible web using Dye-na-Flow (transparent fabric paint).  I had to be careful painting the fusible web – if the web gets too wet it will tear.  I used a sponge brush.  The paint dries fast.  Once the paint is dry, you can apply it to the fabric. Be careful with your iron – make sure you cover your ironing board and use a pressing sheet or parchment paper.  I am talking from experience.  I thought I had everything covered but needed to use the iron cleaner after this experiment.

Finished block

I also added some “leafy” stuff to the block and cut apart some of the practice piece of threads using the washable soluble stabilizer.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting.



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