Dolphin block completed for SeaLife collage quilt

I wanted to add a dolphin or whale to my ocean quilt.  I found a pattern by McKenna Ryan – “Tweedle Dee” part of the Sea Breeze quilt pattern.  I used this dolphin pattern as my inspiration and made some changes. I quilted the background square (“calm waters” quilting design) before adding the appliqué pieces.  For the dolphin, I used a light grey instead of white and used the blind hem stitch to attach the dolphin.  I tried using the buttonhole stitch but I didn’t like the look of that stitch.  I added 3 pieces of coral to the sand.  I added a couple of shells to the sand but I didn’t like them so I took them off.  I also added some pieces of different fabrics (not cotton fabric) and gold threads that had been fused together using a heat gun (a technique that our friend Linda showed us).

Finished block

I like this block.  I think I will make some small paper pieced fish squares to the collage.  I also have a seahorse block to quilt.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna

4 thoughts on “Dolphin block completed for SeaLife collage quilt

  1. That is soo cute, what a great job !! You are soo creative !! Have you considered adding some hand beading maybe a crab on the rock

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