Window Dressing

Sometimes it is fun to work on small home decor projects.


Our kitchen window was lacking a window dressing and even though we had blinds, I felt that it really needed something.

So I pulled together some neutral fabrics (2 prints and one solid).

I cut five 20 1/2″ squares of the solid and three of one print and two of the other.   Right sides together (one print and one solid), I stitched 1/4″ around the entire square.   I then cut a X on the solid and pulled the inside to the outside.

Basically I made 5 napkins.

I draped the 5 napkins over a curtain rod and made sure the back side (the solid) hung down longer than the print.   That way it looks like there are more layers than there really is.


It was a really easy project and now I can make more napkins to change out seasonally.   Can’t you just picture Christmas napkins hanging?

Super simple.

Happy Stitchin’


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