Embroidery flower sketches (Hatched in Africa designs) – part 1

Mary and I met with our “Bee Inspired” quilting bee last month.   We are going to do a two part project using embroidery designs.  We are using Flower Sketches embroidery designs from Hatched in Africa.  We stitched out several flower designs using only black thread to outline the flower designs.  Our bee tried different stabilizers for the embroidery and decided that 2 layers of OESD AquaMesh would work best since we could just rinse away the stabilizer instead of tearing or cutting out the stabilizer.  The Flower Sketches designs worked out well for this project.  Our next step will be to paint the embroidery designs using watercolor pencils and fabric inks.  We are looking forward to our next “sew” day with our bee.  The two embroidery designs at the top were stitched out by our friend Terri and the bottom 3 designs were stitched by Mary and me.  Stay tuned to see how we transform the black and white embroidery designs.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna


2 thoughts on “Embroidery flower sketches (Hatched in Africa designs) – part 1

  1. Thanks for sharing this technique. Over the last few years I have been drawn towards needle drawing and this idea of black threads and flowers painting has real appeal.

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