Hoffman Skyline digital print quilt

   Last year at the Mid-Atlantic quilt festival, I saw this NYC skyline panel by Hoffman fabrics.  I just had to buy it – I just love the colors in the print.  So I bought 2 panels just in case I wanted to cut up the panels to make a quilt.  In February, we went back to the Mid-Atlantic quilt festival and I saw vendors selling the NYC skyline panel.  I still hadn’t made a quilt with the fabric that I had at home.  After looking on the internet at some samples of quilts made with this fabric panel, I came up with an idea.  First, I cut off 6 inches from the top of the panel where the colors were lighter and more faded.    Then I cut off about 6 inches from the bottom of the quilt so I could add my own design at the bottom of the quilt.  Using left over taxi fabric from another city quilt,  I added black fabric for the road around the taxi fabric.  I used curved piecing to give movement to the lower portion where the taxis were.  Then I added a bright green for the grass in city parks.  I wanted to cut the panel vertically also so it would look less like a panel.  I decided to piece scraps of solid fabrics (red, yellow, and green) to symbolize the traffic lights in the city.  Next it was time to quilt the piece.  I used black thread for most of the free motion quilting around the buildings, doors, and windows.  In the sky area, I also used yellow thread for the light from a tall building and magenta thread to outline one of the buildings in the sky.  It is harder than I thought to free motion quilt on straight lines.  But I love how the quilting looks with the outline of the buildings.  But I wish that I had used a solid color for the backing so that the outlines of the buildings would show on the backing.  Mary noticed the backing of the quilt and suggested the solid color – unfortunately I was done with quilting.  Next time I am going to use Mary’s suggestion.  It would have looked really cool to see the skyline outlined on the backing.

Keep having fun sewing and quilting.   Donna

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