Celtic Zodiac Quilt Square – the Swan

Another UFO done!

When we traveled to Ireland in 2012 with a couple of our quilting friends, we all agreed to make one of these Zodiac Celtic quilt squares.   Here is mine.



celtic-swan-instructionsThe pattern (Designs by Nikki Foley) was published in a magazine that Donna bought while we were there and I chose the Swan.  Nothing to do with my birth month, but we used to have 2 swans that graced the canal behind our house.  The male swan was not fond of Ranger (our scottie dog) and would give him a mean look whenever he glided by.   Ranger never barked at him, just stared him down.

Well,  both swans passed away last year so I picked the swan zodiac square to honor them.  And….. to be honest, I didn’t really like the scary looking Goat that was my birth month sign.

I plan to mount it on a stretcher frame for display purposes.

Happy Stitchin’



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