January Scottie Block

Our Modern Quilt Guild had a calendar block challenge where you designed and make monthly calendar blocks.

I designed and made 12 calendar blocks but did not put them together.   Yes, sadly my calendar blocks, inspired by our scottie, Ranger, had turned into a UFO.

I did not want to them all together in a quilt (as I didn’t really winter-scottie-block-2need a scottie calendar quilt hanging) so I needed another idea.

I love the blocks and decided to finished them each off with a ribbon  border/binding and the put one up in our sewing room each month.

I covered stretcher frames (or you could us an art canvas) with burlap and then I put (non-sew) velcro on the burlap and on the block.   winter-scottie-block1

Now I can interchange them every month and they are sweetly displayed above our cutting table.   This block is one of my favorites.

Happy Stitchin’


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