Gingerbread wall hanging


While we were decorating for the holidays, we decided that we needed a small wall hanging to go above our buffet.   We have gingerbread decorations on the buffet so it made sense that we needed a gingerbread house wall hanging.

While I going through our holiday fabric tub, I found this panel (who knows when we bought it).

Unfortunately I thought it was a bit too busy and I wasn’t really fond of the dark border.


gingerbread-house-newSo…. I decided to fuse the whole thing and then cut out the parts that I wanted.

I created a new background and fused the gingerbread house and trees to my new (less busy background) and added a new border.

gingerbread-housecu-of-scottieI used some shine (tinsel like) thread to add a bit of bling/shimmer with the light hits it.

I also added  a little scottie (everything is better with a little scottie).   For the scottie, I fussy cut it  from some other scottie fabric and then I also fussy cut the scottie sweater from another piece of fabric.   I then fused them together onto the snow.

I used scraps of wool batting from another project and as a result it came out real puffy when I quilted it.   I don’t think I’d do that again.   I much prefer the cotton batting.   The puffy batting kinda works for the gingerbread house, but I don’t really care for it in the sky.

It was a fun little holiday decor piece to work on and it now hangs over our dining room buffet and finishes off the gingerbread holiday decor there.

Happy Stitch’n and Happy Holiday,


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