Turning Twenty Asian bed quilt

imageMary and I worked on a bed quilt for one of our younger brothers.  He likes Asian fabric so we went through our stash to find some red and black Asian fabrics and then Mary found some more fabric online.

A quilter friend gave us a large piece of Asian fabric which we used for the back.  image




We started this quilt in January during our guild retreat.  The design of the quilt is a variation of the Turning Twenty quilt pattern.

After we made the blocks, I sewed the blocks into 3 sections of 2 rows of blocks each.  I used a Quilt-As-You-Go technique that I saw on Leah Day’s tutorial on Youtube.  I used free motion stippling to quilt the 3 sections and used wool batting for this quilt.  I made quilting strips from the scraps of fabric left over from the blocks for the front joining strips and used black fabric for the backing joining strips. image

Mary used black fabric to make the binding.  Hope he will enjoy his new bed quilt.

Keep having fun sewing and quilting.


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