Color (Purple) challenge quilt completed

imageI finished the color challenge quilt for our quilt guild.  In a previous post I talked about the challenge and how I made the 3-d flowers for the quilt.  For the challenge, we had to pick our favorite color and use 9 charm squares from Pepper Cory’s Brushstrokes fabric charm pack.  imageOne of my favorite colors is purple so I made purple flowers and used a purple fabric for the binding.  For the background, I made a collage of cream colored fabric and then stitched the fabric shapes to the batting and backing by using decorative machine stitches.  I used about 38 different stitches for the background.  It was fun playing with the decorative stitches. I used free motion quilting of a flower design to quilt the background before adding the trellis, vines and flowers to the quilt.

I had planned to place flowers on a vine over the background but it needed a structure for the vines instead to the vines just free floating on the background.  imageSo I designed a trellis using black fabric that the vines and flowers could be placed on. I used a blanket stitch to attach the trellis to the background. For the vines, imageI couched green yarn using a zig zag stitch and matching thread.  The picture to the left shows an earlier design with large flowers at the bottom of the quilt which I later removed from the design. Most of the flowers are purple but I added some orange and white flowers for accent and pops of color.  I used free motion quilting to attach the flowers to the vines.   I had a lot of fun making this quilt and trying out different ideas and designs before completing the project. The finished size is about 40″ x 18″.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donnaimage


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