Acrylic Painting class #2 – painting

imageWeek #2: This week I transferred my buoys photo to newsprint using a grid system.  I placed my photo in a plastic sleeve that had one inch grid lines.  Then I placed a newsprint grid (with the same number of grid squares as the smaller photo grid) under the blank newsprint (16″ x 20″).  Using a pencil I sketched out the buoys onto the newsprint.  Using a 6b pencil, I traced the same design on the back side of my newsprint (I taped the newsprint to a window so I could see the design to trace it.).  Usually the next step would be to put the design on the canvas.  But since I had some sky in the background of the my photo, the instructor thought it would be better to paint the background first and then place the pencil design over the painted sky.     imageIt took some time to mix the paint to get the right shades of blue for the sky background.  My instructor let me use one of her wide brushes which helped to paint the background.  At home I added the pencil line design to the blue sky canvas.  I didn’t take a picture since it is hard to see the pencil lines on the sky blue background.  So now I am ready for my next class.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna


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