Acrylic Painting Class – week #1

dscn5876(This is the original photo that inspired my project using buoys.)           I decided to take an acrylic painting class for beginners at the local art center in my town.  I am hoping the class helps me to learn more about shading, mixing colors (tints and shades), and light source in an art piece.  I want to make my quilts look more realistic by adding shading and light using fabric to a quilted piece.  I also want to learn more about painting fabric – how to use different brushes and diluting the paint to get different effects.  My art instructor is very nice and encouraging – she is a retired middle school/ high school art teacher.  I started the class last week. Week#1: we learned about art elements, design, and color (tints, shades, and color wheel).  Then the instructor looked at the photos that we brought to the class to decide if the photos would work for our first painting.  I am using the picture of buoys from a trip to Cape Cod.  I tried using this photo for a thread painting class in New Mexico a few years ago.  But that instructor had the class use canvas as the base instead of batting so the quilt did not lay flat.   imageHere is my second try of making the buoys using fabric – I haven’t thread painted this quilt yet.  I really like my photo of the buoys.

Mary  used photoshop to eliminate some of the distracting things in the background of the photo. image So I am starting on another “Buoys” project and hope to be successful.  The art instructor discussed how to transfer our photos to newsprint that was the size of our canvas (16″ x 20″) using a grid method.  Week #2 will be the transfer of our drawings to the canvas and then we start to paint. Looking forward to painting next week. Keep having fun sewing and painting.  Donna


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