Modern Pillows

The “heat dome” has been sitting over us and is is way TOO HOT to go outside.   What to do?   QUILT!

I recently replaced my bed frame with a new (and more modern) upholstery headboard and surround.   I do love it but felt that I needed a couple of accent pillows to complete the look.

I got on Pinterest and found a modern pillow ( to use as inspiration for my pillows.   Gotta love Pinterest!


My new accent pillows.

I love this linen looking fabric and thought that it worked well with my textured headboard.


In my mind, modern quilting is all about the negative space and


Final result.

the quilting, so I had some fun with straight line quilting on the linen looking fabric.     I like sectioning off areas and then I use various width lines in each section.    I think that it has more interest than simple even straight lines.    Uneven widths are also more forgiving and that works for me!

Happy Stitchin’,



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