NC Quilt Symposium Class: Karen Eckmeier

image          I took a half day class (Happy Villages) with Karen Eckmeier.  I wished that the class had been all day so that I would have time to add more details to my village and get inspired by Karen’s quilts and what other students were doing with their villages.  I chose to make a “Seaside” village from her book.  The process was like putting a puzzle together.    After looking at the photo of my village, I did not like the gray blue fabric and the pink batik fabric in the houses.   So I found different fabric and replaced the colors that I didn’t like.                  image                         I am looking forward to the next step of adding roofs, windows, doors, steps, and trees.  When the village is completed, I will post it.  I also have Karen’s other book, Accidental Landscapes and have made a couple of landscapes using her techniques.  She is fun teacher and has clear directions to complete her quilts.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna


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