NC Quilt Symposium class: Lyric Kinard

image      I won a scholarship to attend the NC Quilt Symposium this year in Raleigh.  My quilt guild gives away a scholarship each year. I took 2 classes.   The first class was an art quilt design class taught by Lyric Kinard.  (check out her website:  I took a class from her about 6 years ago on surface design.  Another fun class learning lots of different techniques to use on fabric.  In the art quilt design class, everyone brought scraps of fabric and 3 fat quarters to share with group on our designs.  In the morning we used our sketchbooks to use the 5 elements of design: texture, shape, line, color, and value.  In the afternoon, we used the fabric scraps to create a design using elements of design.  I used a glue stick to attach the fabric scraps.  I choose “color” for my first design, I used purple and orange (complementary colors).  There were some problems with the lines of the first quilt.  So I modified the second piece and changed some of the lines in the design and used a triadic color scheme (teal, orange, and burgundy).  I think the lines of design are better on the second piece.   I started a monochromatic color scheme using the color blue.                            image  I didn’t have time to finish this piece.  I will post these 3 pieces again once they are finished.

Lyric has a book that has creativity exercises: “Art + Quilt – Design Principles and Creativity Exercises.

I am going to play with some of the exercises in her book.  Lots of fun to play with fabric.  Have fun sewing and quilting.  Donna


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