Row by Row design for 2016

image      Here is the row that I designed for the quilt shop where I work.  The theme for the Row by Row experience 2016 is “Home Sweet Home”.  I knew that a lot of quilt shops would probably have designs with houses, bird houses, and dog houses.  But I wanted to make something different since I live near the ocean. So I thought about making crabs which are fun to make.  My first design showed crabs heading towards a crab shack.  I made the shack a wonky shape.      imageBut there was not enough detail in the design.  So I added grass and rocks. But the design still didn’t look balanced so I added the sand castle.    image  I really like the sand castle.  It reminds me of summer vacations at the beach – making sand castles with my boys.  Keep having fun quilting and sewing. Donna


2 thoughts on “Row by Row design for 2016

  1. This is a great one!!! Your designs for the past two years would go together with this for a great wall hanging or small quilt!!!

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