Color wheel circle UFO project

image             I started this circle project a couple of years ago.  I cut 6″ squares and fused circles on the squares using complementary colors of print fabric and hand dyed fabric.  I had planned to use my circle attachment to add decorative stitches to the circles.  However I had already fused the circles on the squares – I should have basted the circles using the circle attachment on the background squares first and trimmed around the basting stitch.  Then I could add decorative stitches to the circles.  Since the circles were already fused, I had to use a different technique to finish the project.  So the project went into my UFO box.  Last month I found a quilting book that showed different ways to embellish and quilt squares with a center circle.  I got inspired by the ideas in the book and started finishing my squares.  I added batting and backing to each square before I started the quilting.  I have about 18 squares completed.    imageSome techniques that I have used: decorative stitches, fused applique, fabric collage, free motion quilting, and weaving. I have been using the color wheel to add other colors to the squares (split complementary, triad, and 2 sets of complementary colors). I am having fun trying different techniques and adding colors on these small pieces.  When I have completed the squares, I will put them together in a wall hanging.  Keep having fun sewing and quilting.  Donna


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