Quilt retreat on Emerald Isle

image            Mary and I went on a quilt retreat at the end of January with about 35 quilters from our local guild on the coast on Emerald Isle.  We had great weather even though it was cold.     imageEven took a walk on the beach one afternoon and had a campfire with roasted s’mores on the last night.   It was a fun time getting to know other members of our guild and finishing some quilt projects.  Mary and I both worked on making about 30 blocks to make a bed quilt using Asian red/black fabrics using a modified Turning Twenty quilt pattern.  I finished the quilt top for a quilt of Valor using the Chinese Coins pattern.  I also make a baby quilt top for a charity quilt for our guild.  We were on the retreat committee so we helped with activities during the retreat.    We had a raffle for 2 sets of 12 blue and white quilt squares (12.5″ squares) on the last night.   The quilt squares were displayed on a clothesline during the retreat.   imageWe had a really large room for quilting with lots of tables and space for ironing boards and cutting tables.  imageThe dining room was next to the conference center and the food was great – lots of snacks throughout the day too. There was a short walk through the woods for our rooms.   We stopped at a couple of quilt shops on the way home, of course.  Have fun sewing and quilting.   Donna


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